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The Secret Rulers Of The World

"It's hard to believe this was broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK, twenty two years ago. Featuring Alex Jones, David Icke, G. Edward Griffin and others."

Notice how the author of this article (below), "Ned", refers to gentile women using the derogatory term "Shiksa", which word is akin to using the word "Nigger" in a hateful way toward a Black person regardless of them being trifling, free loading, criminal minded, "ghetto", violent, or abusive to others or not. Nigger is a multifaceted word that can be used aptly and appropriately but does not exclusively refer to Blacks. For instance, "the Nigger who wrote this article better check himself". When the intent behind words is hateful without cause, much like the word "Shiksa" which IS a slur used specifically as a racial jab against non-Jews and is done just for the sake of it as a jab, nobody can get behind that. Nigger. Taylor Swiftowitz has been debauching young girls for long enough. Now we know why. She's a MOT, Member of the Tribe. All they seem to do is to corrupt the morals of society and target our children.

The system is rigged against you. See below.

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