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The Talmudic Ritual Killing of Czar Nicholas and the Jewish Kapparah

Updated: Mar 22, 2023



It all started with Talmudic Rituals. There is no substantive difference between Talmudic Ritualism and Satanic Ritualism. They are both Kabbalah derived. There is no difference between the ritual practice of the elites destroying our world and the Talmudic Jews doing the same under the guise of accepted religious practice. Know them by their deeds. Think the ideology of Chabad Lubavitch that acts as counsel for leaders of this world, including U.S.A., Inc.

What we observe in our world is the absolute subversion of free will.

The extraction and manufacture of consent from the masses. The shifting of Karmic Debt for untold atrocities against those very masses and populations it is shifted upon. The practice of the Jewish Kapparah is an example of ritual practice of this type. The shifting of Karmic debt onto another being. All occultists perform these types of rituals. So, then what is Judaism (((Talmudism)))? It is occultism.

But these are not "Jews". These are Talmudics. They captured Judaism over millennia. Go back to the story of John Hyrcanus and the Edomites. Those are your "Jews" before the Ashkenazi. Below I explain the Ashkenazi. Anti-Semitic? No. Unapologetically Anti-Talmudic. Anti-occultist. Anti-Ritualist.

We can look at source texts and see that "Jewish" individuals occupied the highest appointments in Bolshevik ranks and ran the Cheka and through both conducted horrendous atrocities against Christians (Europeans). That is why it is said that the Bolsheviks were Jewish. They say that it is Anti-Semitic to point this out.

The more they wield their power, the more we see their power.

"If a Jew be called upon to explain the rabbinic books, he should give a false explanation. Whoever will violate this order, will be put to death."

Libbre David 37

How is Christianity different? Christianity is what Judaism pretends to be. Christianity is not simply a religion but a tradition, a culture, the ways of a race and civilization of peoples that spanned the globe. Whose identity and legacy was stolen by these imposters that call themselves Jews but are the synagogue of Satan. This leg of the timeline is called "you get what you fuckin' deserve". Reap what you have sown. Even now European descent peoples are only slowly awaking to generations long grift that has been visited upon them.

Now in what appears to be an inferior position where these hostile elements rule over you and to this day work to snuff out Whites. If European descent peoples comprehended who they were, all of the "riches" in the world, all of the material wealth, and the God-lessness, nothing could stop you. That is the truth. Give up the world and you will prevail for eternity. The meek inherit the world.

Did Hitler know? Is that knowledge gained by German interests what instigated the all-out existential fight for the right of Germanic (White) descent people to not only exist but to thrive unapologetically and with fervor? Did the Germans know who they were and who stole their identity?

The Jewish Enlightenment was about making the realities of "Judaism" (((Talmudism))) palatable to Europeans because it is inhospitable to Europeans. Making Judaism acceptable, at least the outer veneer. There are untold numbers of source documents from European jurisdictions accounting the murderous ritualism conducted by Jews against Europeans and mostly barbaric offenses against children precipitating repeated expulsions. But they were hellbent on making their way back into European lands repeating the same atrocities over and over again. Even in the face of these so-called 'horrible" pogroms the Jews remained on European soil fleeing to other locations on the continent. Laying in wait until they could return and resume their ritualistic killing practices. Earnestly and objectively look into the Blood Libel without taking a side. The same patterns are repeated each time.

To build a new culture of people that could assimilate into European lands better, the first thing required was a language that all else may be built upon. Culture is built upon language. Enter Modern Hebrew a polyglot of Yiddish (German Jewish pidgin), Ancient Hebrew surviving in texts held by those in high appointments like the Sanhedrin but never spoken for millennia, and a Turkic tongue; but of course. These are not Biblical peoples whatsoever. Some say the seed of Cain. They say the European is Amalek. The bitter enemy of the fleeing Israelites (from Biblical texts) but they are not Israelites and they themselves possess the spirit of Amalek. Know them by their deeds.

If you say that you are a Jew, then you can be nothing else. Not even a person. Much like the other identity categories that we witness in our times. Your only identity is of a Jew and that is not by anyone else's decree but by the religious mandates and/or orders of the rabbinic texts themselves that extends even to secular Jewish (((Talmudic))) identity, which is not at all the same as atheism from the Christian worldview. Better to just be a person. Preferably, a moral person if you can muster it. Read a book. Preferably, the Talmud.

If you have not read the Talmud or the Quran (non-Western version), do not speak on what you do not know. You wear a label as an adherent to a cult that you do not understand its nature.

Moreover, consider it an intelligence test if after reading this or anything posted on this website, if you think to yourself "not all Jews", "not all Blacks", "Not all this one or that one". You are clearly unable to understand per capita or statistical averages and evidence your own ineptitude and ignorance. Don't even bother sending the email Shlomo. Do we really have to keep pointing this out? Not all, not all, but most in positions of prominence.

Most American Jews probably do not know the depravity of Talmudic practices, they are normies. Their own religion much like Catholics in many senses where the masses are given only limited access and/or do not practice substantively or ever have been exposed to the inner/upper echelon of the ideology, but show up for mass or temple taking somebody else's lead not understanding who are the ones at the highest levels and appointments. Charlatans.

Note to Reader: If these things that I relate would have me labeled an "extremist" and/or a "radical", I can tell you what "radicalized" me. Books. They would have to burn every single book and wipe every single digital copy to keep people, especially that are autodidactic, from learning these same things. I have read for myself many books, texts, and source materials over many years. I have assessed these materials myself with my own God-given wherewithal. No group. No ideology. Just me. An individual. I make my own independent judgements of all things seeking foremost to determine veracity and then I relate my findings. That I would be labeled negatively only indicates to me that my assessments are spot on or I am on the right track. This is a world of lies and at best half-truths. Only the perpetrators of the same label those speaking Truth.

As women's history month comes to a close, have I not excelled?

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Another home run editorial by only one out a hundred brainwashed Israelites will comprehend and take the red pill and go down this very ugly rabbit hole. In my humble opinion we should be looking to wake up one Israelite at a time that is willing to dedicate themselves in search of these truths. We must “renew our minds“ Paul of Tarsis

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