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Most People Do Not Know the Doctrine of Judaism

How would they? After generations of propaganda, most people actually do believe that everyone else is just like them however good or bad that may be. If a person attended Yeshiva, then that person knows exactly what most Christians and moral individuals would find reprehensible and unconscionable. That is that the doctrine of Judaism, which in our times is Talmudism, is a sickening and repulsive dictate for any non-Jews (Gentiles). Most Jews themselves are not considered Jewish by the gatekeepers of Judaism, the Hasidim. This includes most secular Jews and, of course, American Jews. These unfortunate people are merely pawns. Just as the Israelis have been used as pawns to clear lands and exact genocide on their Arab neighbors. Just like us all. We are all pawns used against each other to the advantage of the world's elite, "chosen".

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