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The Truth is That The War in Ukraine is Really About White Genocide

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

At the start of the war in Ukraine the Jewish leader of the Ukraine, Zelensky, told the people to stay in the country and fight to the death. On the other side in Russian, Putin tried to mobilize 300,000 Russians to go to the Ukraine and "fight to the death".

"Officially" the war in Ukraine is Russians fighting against Ukrainians; but in reality, it is Russians fighting against Russians. Because Ukrainians are Russians. You cannot differentiate between them. They look the same because they are literally, genetically the same people.

A real Russian invasion would have lasted a week but this is dragging on for months and all that is happening is that more and more Russians are dying. This war does not make any sense at all until you find out that Zelensky is part of the Jewish cult called Chabad Lubavitch, and guess who else is part of it? Putin.

Now, why would two leaders who are part of the same cult fight against each other? Both of the countries have been occupied by the same foreign entities whose only goal is to kill as many Russians as possible. What is the war in Ukraine really about? White Genocide.

Chabad Lubavitch is the same Jewish cult controlling America and the destiny of Europe. All White countries are under the control of this foreign entity and foreign interest, Chabad Lubavitch. So, when you hear that the "Jews" are responsible for everything that we are witnessing in our societies, this is what people are trying to clue you into. The Jewish cult called Chabad Lubavitch. Does not matter if you favor Trump or the other guy or if you fall anywhere on the political spectrum. It is all a farce and the work of the Jewish cult Chabad.

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