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Transgenderism is Anti-Women

“Trans women should be legally treated as women, tell me why you strongly disagree.”

“Because I’m a molecular geneticist.”

Sammy "Roth" is not White. He's a Jew. These types of Anti-White antics on the part of Jews are how we got to an environment where almost every other racial group in America has wised up to who is responsible for everything that we are witnessing socio-culturally that has "gone wrong" with society. We just cannot get around the fact that it is Jews doing all of this.

Jews are not White. They have their own racial, cultural, and political worldview that is designed solely for their group at the expense of other groups. It is what it is. These types of Anti-White maneuvers are designed to foment racial hatred against Whites in order to get the timeline closer to what they call a 'Race War'. In reality, there will be no such thing as you will simply have good and decent people of all walks of like battling violent niggers of all walks of life.

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