Tricksters In Plain Sight: White Supremacy Is A Gimmick

Chew on this. When I was out in Charlottesville the most blaring element present was the various group's symbolism that was floating around. The same hand at work in that symbolism is present in many areas of society. That includes government, politics (that's why the new logo rolled out by Democrats was of interest to so many. It was telling), the entertainment industry, Hollyweird, departments of the military, corporations, even the fuckin "Arts", all of the institutions of globalism. It's occult based. That's the first thing you're gonna have to come to terms with America. That there's something else going on here that does not immediately meet the Eye. It's not designed to. It's everywhere however if you take a look.

There are those who have a hand, doing their damndest to radicalize young men, young people by creating all manner of "anarchist" groups (I use that term loosely) and the splintering of the fabric of society that are presented to you as "Left" and "Right". Behind it all is occult symbolism and you don't speak that language. There is no Right wing boogeyman. That is a false perception perpetrated upon you like so many things. When you stand back and look at it all, everything now is a shade of Liberalism designed to shift/swing even farther Left as we "Progress". Progress doesn't have anything to do with minorities other than the fact that they're used to facilitate the bidding of this hand at work.

There is no white supremacist boogeyman/men.

We did a lot work over the past several years to stand for the First Amendment, freedom of expression and freedom to dissent. My God. If you're gonna fear anything, fear an environment where dissent is demonized and loathed. Where you become public enemy no. 1 because you don't go along with whatever the consensus is that they're pushing. After years of taking a beating on the streets of Philadelphia for standing up for these things I've related to you (First Amendment, free expression) and having been labeled by hordes of Leftists and self-described anarcho-communists as White supremacists, Nazis, and Racists and seeing it actually build their base because they point to you and say to the mob 'there's your boogeyman. There they are the Nazis right there. There are your fascists' and people believe it entirely. This happens in the media as well and people continue to fall for it.

White supremacy is gimmick. Really. Your very existence as a European descent individual and as a people overall renders you inherently White supremacist - for starters. You did know that, right? And, who are all those that are included in this grouping coined "White"? Has anybody stopped to really consider where they stand in all of this? Will you be surprised when a finger is pointed in accusation at you as a Latin, YOU as any number of individuals and/or groups walking around in a Caucasoid meat suit who by any other measures whether cultural or religious don't even consider yourselves "white" or Caucasian? I remind you that there are only three phenotypes.

Nevertheless, White supremacy IS fictitious. Are you surprised that individuals that are not racially "White" or groups like the Proud Boys whose members are not or may not be racially "White", are accused of being White supremacists, Nazis, and racists? That's because White Supremacy is a gimmick. You're a black guy? Disagree with the Left and see what happens bigot.

Declaring yourselves against White Supremacy is futile because you're taking part in the gimmick.

If you never get to the heart of who and what these people actually are that are operating at the highest levels of the very infrastructure of our societies and intertwined within every institution manipulating the people, you will never be equipped to defend yourselves. It goes far deeper than what meets the Eye. After witnessing good and decent people go on the defensive time and time again when the same exact play is used by "Leftists" over and over again, this is the definition of insanity or perhaps even stupidity.

Start with occult symbolism. Surprise. You've been worked on for generations upon generations and now you'll work toward your own demise every one of you. Be stingy with your energy if you cannot be conscientious of it. Any momentum that you generate will be used against you until you neutralize the paper thin weapons that they utilize to control you. Like race. Like any of the labels that they have used over time to control you that are in reality paper thin, like "White Supremacist", "Racist", "Bigot", "Nazi", "Fascist", even "Anti-Semite". Laugh them off. Stand together. Because you're all "white" now in their calculations. Own it before they own you.

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