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Video of a Little Girl Severely Beaten On School Bus by Older Boy Goes Viral

"To be human is not solely a physiological consideration, but behavioral as well."

The level of violence that comes from the Black community overall is not anomalous. What you will view in the video (below) is a prime example of one of the major factors forming a consensus among veritably all other racial groups that Black people are violent. This is not undeserved. Black people have always been judged on the content of their character. Black people make up under 13% of the population but commit over 50% of the violent crime, including murder. It is P.C. finally to discuss Black on Black violent crime but still not acceptable to discuss Black on everybody else crime. These are children granted. However, this level of brutality and violence at such tender age cannot solely be learned. It is time to face the fact that by and large, there is an inherent propensity for violence among this demographic (Blacks). It is obvious but you are not allowed to say it, and so I have.

You may also consider this an intelligence test, if you thought to yourself "not all Blacks".

The School administration determined that this White child and her siblings are not safe in that school and have advised the mother to remove her children from the school. Can you imagine? This is what Liberal policies have done to America. This is what your psychopathic leadership has created across America. Sociopathic children.

"A mother was in disbelief after she was sent a viral video of her 9-year-old daughter being attacked on the school bus by a group of boys in Homestead, Florida. At least one of the students involved has been arrested.

The mother said her daughter is a third grader at Coconut Palm K-8 Academy, but one of the boys who assaulted her was in the eighth grade."

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