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Western Gov'ts Have Turned Their Backs on Their Own People

Excerpt from generations ago that is apt for our times. Was this woman clairvoyant or were people just more intelligent back then?

Florentine 'Florrie' Rost van Tonningen, Dutch National Socialist and SS member and friend of Gudrun Himmler, 1990 stated the following, which sounds like she was predicting the future (2024):

"It should be common sense that if you allow in a foreign race and allow that race to breed children, that eventually they will begin to out breed and overtake the native people. ..... If Europe does not see this influx as a problem then there will be no future.

Remember the Jews seem to be programmed to be race destroyers and will not stop. They will not say "oh France has 5 million Arabs now so that is enough." They will keep pushing for it until even they are devoured. It makes no sense that they are like that, but they are. They are like a bloodsucker that just keeps sucking until it explodes, every time. The only thing that will save our culture is if the people are awakened again on a mass scale. After living through that time and seeing the aftermath I do not see it coming again anytime soon. I am afraid it may be too late for many nations to heal themselves and it seems to be just getting worse. England, France, Holland, Italy, Belgium, and Sweden all seem convinced they need to import millions of people who are not like them. They will pay the price for this one way or another as these other races are not compatible to settle down and live in peace. Let us not even speak of the blood poisoning that will happen.

The Aryan people will be the main target of these people, as the women are the most beautiful in the world, and the men the most handsome. They desire this with their lust and have no desire to keep their culture pure, or they think they can force us to adopt theirs by mixing. I do see some bright spots with the fall of the Soviet Union but we are building up the third world and tearing down our own, which means they will be encouraged to breed to their hearts content, where we will be constrained by jobs, money, and other factors to hold our births down. That is why in the SS it was encouraged for the men to have as many children as they could make. The future needed to be secure for the coming generations."

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