What Was It Qaddafi Said About The West Being Taken Over Without A Single Shot Being Fired?

This means that now all top cabinet ministers in the U.K. are Asian.

Qaddafi warned us and as he forewarned, we have been subverted by traitors from within. Notwithstanding the fact that the new Health Secretary is yet another non-European holding a position of power over Europeans in their own country, the most concerning issue with this new appointee is that he's a clear stooge for the elites borne from the womb of the very behemoths whose rule we cannot shake. World Economic Forum level.

Update on previous article involving UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, who was caught cozying up to another man's wife (his aide) after promoting a "No, Hugs" mandate empire-wide. He has now been conveniently replaced by a non-ethnically English stooge that has somehow qualified for the position of Health Secretary on account of his exemplary performances as Board Member at Deutsche Bank and ex-JP Morgan adviser.

It all makes perfect sense.

And, yes. Race does matter. In every European country the same thing is happening. You consented to your own replacement.

Anglis Anglia.

Boris Johnson’s ‘F*cking Hopeless’ Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, Caught Kissing Aide (debarelli.com)

NEW – Former Home Secretary, former Managing Director of Deutsche Bank, and ex-JP Morgan adviser Sajid Javid appointed as Health Secretary a | mehabe

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