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When Confronting Evil, "Ain't No Half-Steppin"

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Destroy Evil Wherever You May Find It.

"The present-day false Christians in Brazil, whose forefathers captured the unfortunate negroes, who really deserved a better fate, like wild animals and sold them like cattle, proceed in a really shameless way when today they lead the Socialist and Communist movements in Brazil and give themselves out to be liberators of the negroes and Mulattos of the population, when they brought their forefathers in chains and made them into slaves."

The same is true in the United States.

The slave trade was one of the Jews most productive occupations in preceding centuries. The perpetrators that brought the forefathers of Blacks to this country in chains and made them into slaves give themselves out to be the liberators of all "POCs" (People of Color). These individuals are referred to as Jewish Liberals, Liberal Elite Whites, American Jews, or just Liberals.

The racial epithet "Coon" is a disparaging term for a "Black" person that derived from the Jewish "Portuguese" Slavers (Jews masking themselves as Portuguese). It is a term meaning, roughly, "the inhabitant of a cage or pen" and refers to an animalistic cunning.

The list of "Black" Men that have stood up and taken on the "Jewish" (Judaic Rabbinical/Satanic) Establishment but met with their demise whether by social or economic pressures or by paying the ultimate cost of losing their very lives, is far too long a list to ignore.

Anyone that grew up in an urban environment is keenly familiar with Jewish slumlords and merchants. Blacks in particular are very familiar with how Jews deal with non-Jews and the inferior treatment that the Black community receives interacting with the Jewish inhabitants of their neighborhoods, and for generations. Blacks have been treated same as poor Whites in these communities. Treated like permanent 'Shabbos goys'.

What do I mean by using this term 'Shabbos goy'? Jewish people in urban Black communities treat Blacks as though they are their bitch. As if Blacks are 'naturally' supposed to do the Jewish individual's bidding 24/7. It does not take a wealthy and/or famous Black person able to do well in this Jewish Usury debt slavery system against all odds, to point out the obvious. We all know.

The only crime is in saying it aloud. We have observed what happens to those that speak Truth against the lies promoted by The Establishment. Jews really think that They still own Blacks. Why wouldn't the Jews think so after so many hundreds of years of keeping Blacks under thumb that anything has changed in the relationship between Blacks and Jews?

After all, it was the Jews that brought the forefathers of present-day Blacks to the Americas in the Transatlantic Slave Trade using Their capital, their slave ships, and selling Blacks at Their Jewish Auction houses that were oddly closed on the Jewish Sabbath, Saturdays. Surely, the goyim would overlook that fine detail. The Jews cannot wipe all of their prints from the crimes of history. The history we are sold is riddled with lies and half-truths. However, upon inspection the Truth screams out in whispers. Subtle at times but nonetheless evident. There are Jewish fingerprints on every bit of the "Systemic" issues The Establishment blames on Whites.

When a runaway slave escapes the "plantation", They come out of the woodwork to "get you". Take for example the most recent recipient of Jewish ire Ye (Kanye West) and how They "dealt" with Ye. The ADL's top henchman no less, Jonathan Greenblatt, personally went on a "Black" radio station and commanded Blacks to "get him" referring to Ye.

If you take the time to observe all who come out against Ye (and many others that speak against our slavers), you will know who rules over you and who comprises what is termed "The Establishment" (and Globalists). Most importantly, you will learn how They operate.

We fight for the natural right of self-determination for future generations with the mighty wisdom of our ancestors. One and all. Not one group has a monopoly on morality. Not one group can do it alone. It will take everyone together to stand up to evil because that is exactly what we are staring down. Evil.

Know your enemy. Chance favors the prepared. When you take a stand, "Ain't No Half-Steppin".

"What you gonna do mf? Label me an "Anti-Semite". I don't give af. Can't call me a liar."

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