When did American Jews become inferior to Israeli Jews? WATCH VIDEO Of Israeli Woman Barking Orders

When did American Jews become inferior to Israeli Jews? I know this answer too. It happened when American Jews' ancestors decided to head to America to pursue "Freedom" at the chagrin of the beckoning and competing influences that were concomitantly vying for their presence in the newly formed country of Israel and doing all that they could to drive Europe's Jews to this new "homeland". American Jews chose freedom then and I implore you (American Jews) to fight for the same freedom that brought your ancestors to America. American Jews must fight for American values and for freedom itself. We must stand with all those smeared as "White bigots" and "White supremacists" and everyone everywhere that is sacrificing and fighting in opposition to this Leftist Authoritarian Apparatus. Fight on the side of morality.

Ironically, had American Jews' ancestors undertaken the rigorous ethnic purity tests that Israel conducted during those first formidable years, they may not have made the cut as their perceived Jewishness would potentially have been shattered as so many others experienced.

Watch the below video of Granny Israel with the matronly appearance but those spiteful dead eyes barking orders to American Jews to support the mothership. Tell me again how these people aren’t a fifth column. Why does she believe that American Jews are beholden to a foreign nation you ask? Could it possibly be because there is wide consensus amongst Jews of all walks that they in fact are? She just wants American Jews to know what their specific mission is in assisting Israel in their many efforts to dismantle Western Civilization. However, she has miscalculated American Jews. They want freedom too. Israel does not offer that freedom which is why so many Jews prefer to live as Americans and not as Israelis. The matter of dual citizenship by so many in our own congress and heights of political and socio-cultural power is a related subject that we will soon touch on.

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