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When Europeans Are Given 200 Years To Build A Country From Nothing

Social media has been used to lure young people into Afrocentrism where they actually believe that peoples of "African" descent are the progenitors of all High Civilization. You name it, they claim it. Every bit of human Civilization, young people are duped into believing was "stolen" from Africans. Wholly unaware that Afrocentrism is merely a theory. Not fact. Wholly unaware that academia was brow-beaten into supporting this false notion. They've never heard of Afrocentrism. Never heard of the 2-3 Jews that made it up once upon a time.

The sobering reality is that Africa never had the levels of development that Europe and Asia had. Simple as. North Africa was part of the Mediterranean world and populated by non-Africans as those called Africans were located beyond the tropical zone. The powers that be have plucked out peoples from a continent that never had a Copper Age, never had a Bronze Age, never had an Iron Age and they inserted these people by hook and by crook into lands where high civilization has thrived. What could go wrong?

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