White House or Castle Rock Studios?

I studied this video and past Getty Images of the Oval Office from the same approximate angle and orientation and one thing that stood out to me was that there are no trees in the background in the Biden clips. Even if it were the dead of winter you'd see some extent or evidence of the barren trees and/or their branches outside the window(s) or greenery in any event. If you check the picture below of Biden in the Oval Office not from the video clip, you'll see what I mean. Some type of evergreens are outside the windows. Shrubbery or bushes are outside the windows in other Oval Office pictures that don't lose their needles or whatever the case is in the winter. There's no greenery whatsoever or evidence of any trees, just the hedges lining outside of the window.

There are vehicles parked outside the Oval Office window in other Getty Images of similar scale. That isn't necessarily out of order. The best I can offer is "Where da trees at?" But there's not enough in the stills to make any bold assertions. I'd think that more questionable than anything is on the left side of the Biden stills behind the vehicle is what appears to be structures of some type. What are these structures? Haven't seen anything like that in any other images. If anyone has better footage or additional images, I'll take a look at them. In the mean time, judge for yourself. I'm gonna file this one away to potentially build on at a later date.

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