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Why Would You As A White Man Watch Jewish Owned Blacks Chase A Ball?

Updated: Apr 20

As a White person why would you indulge in Jewish owned entertainment, celebrities, politicians, and corporations? This is the element that has been working to destroy your nations. Every foul thing in society can be rooted back to Jewish influence. There is a paper trail. If people wanted to know, they could simply take a look.

What is the ideological force behind all that we observe occurring in our Western societies? Kabbalah. Kabbalah is Jewish. It is Jewish mysticism. Mysticism is evil.

There are no other countries in the world where the societal messaging is stacked against the racial majority and/or founding stock of that nation.

The Anti-White hatred abundantly present in the U.S. in particular has not occurred by chance. It is driven by Jewish organizations like the ADL, JDL, the IDF even employed an army of social media Anti-White posters to promote Anti-White sentiment, the CIA (which is an extension of Mossad) also operates in this sphere and at-large to promote and propagate Anti-White hatred. U.S. intelligence services overall do so as well. This is all on purpose. They want to promote racial tensions as far as they will go. To incite Black on White violence. To incite Black on everybody violence. When will the Black golem learn?

"Jewish Mysticism is the evil operating in this world."

Does not matter if the Jewish Mysticism is presented to you as any thing else. Think Satanists in the entertainment business like Madonna, Taylor Swift, Rhianna, and most rap "icons". Evil Corporations and their occult symbolism and poisonous products, not to mention their complicity in the destruction of the social fabric where they have pushed every foul thing commanded of them onto the public. Targeting the most vulnerable in our societies, young people and children. Think the usury-debt slave financial system where taking on debt is rewarded with a "good" credit score and your life blood is drained from you to pay for it in labor and effort like a never-ending hamster wheel. Think Transgenderism that is rooted in the most diabolical hatred of women. That seeks to replace women. This is Jewish Kabbalah. These are Mystics at work. Think pedophilia and the Blood Libel that goes back into the millennia that your ancestors dealt with appropriately. Go back and read up on it now. It is still occurring. Now take a good look at your Western societies, they are in shambles overrun by the world compliments of Tikkun Olam, Jewish generosity. The world is in the grips of Talmudic/Jewish Mysticism.

It is Jewish Mysticism that drives the world. Consider that as you observe what is occurring globally. Jewish Mysticism is the damnation of the White race and non-Whites are their golems. Am I anti-Semitic? I am Anti-Mysticism. If you stop feeding into the Mystic's ploys, which are driving social consensus as observed on your Tell-A-Vision, it dies.


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1 Comment

In my humble opinion this Your best post in a while. It’s a race war!!! The war against the “ camp of the saints “ the saints are the white race, God only created the white race! It’s always been a race war, Jesus explained why He was born, John 18:37 that He came into the world to explain the TRUTH, He delivered “ secrets from the foundation of the world,” Matt 13:35 THAT SECRET WAS HOW THE TARES AND WHEAT WILL BE SEPARATED WHEN JESUS RETURNS AND BURNED IN A FIRE and He told the filthy jews to their faces that they were not born from above and that they were a race of vipers like their father Cain,…

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