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You Have Been Called Upon To Be Warriors By Those That War Upon You

By Nemeth, Debs

You have been called upon to be warriors by those that war upon you. It does not matter how you came to know of our calamitous predicament, nor your walk of life. There is no time for holding onto the childish delusions you have created in your own mind, your own erroneous machinations regarding this world that itself controls how you perceive it. The false world that you are immersed in has molded you to perpetuate its harm. Whatever falsities you have been carried through life believing have been nothing but problematic for you in your own life and have in-turn contributed to our present dismal state of affairs on a whole. You as an individual have contributed your entire life to pushing, promoting, recreating, maintaining, sustaining, and eternalizing these things that harm us all. Stop.

Do you still "Believe" anything that They (“They” - the hostile control apparatus, authority, government, corporations, institutions, etc.) tell you? Even about yourself? The messages are everywhere. Do you think any idea is original? Your best utility is to interpret. Have you stopped to contemplate, from where these ideas, themes, and concepts derive? Better get your shit together. There is no time for individuals serving their own egos, certainly not when those things that you "believe" even, if not especially, about your own "self" are deliberate falsities frankly - dictated to you. Deliberately crafted (false) concepts (even of yourself) that you have never taken the time to examine or assess. Your entire life, every step of the way you are lured into what you perceive are your own beliefs. Through a network mechanism designed to pull you in if you accept so much as an aspect or part of it, you develop a need/desire for "identity" and you want to belong. I will tell you with all facetiousness that I “feel” for you. I have never had a need or desire to belong. That has always been my dysfunction from the very beginning and as far back as I can first recall perceiving thoughts and understanding as a child of my own mind and the strange world around me. I need you to go back to that time and that understanding of yourself and the world. Why would you want to develop a sense of being a part of something that is designed to bring about great loss and destruction? That seeks to cause such calamity?

Your own ideas of yourself have been informed layer by layer through the years by the world itself. It’s not you. Some people think that their experiences in life are who they are and they build on that. For instance, the bad things that have occurred in their lives. They create a personality/identity around it and around victimhood. That is who they have decided to be as if they were responsible for things wholly outside of their own control. It is their own response in doing so that has determined who they are. You truly are what you do. It’s your response that dictates who you are and you have complete control over that. So, in stating that “I do not dislike people. I dislike their behavior”, I mean to say that I dislike the choices that they have made.

Who has not embraced one “identity'' or another? Identity has a negative connotation. These identities that you have embraced have been carefully crafted by influences (actual people) that are hostile to you and are actively concocted and controlled by those people hostile to your very existence. Will you have a crisis without these (false) identities and erroneous ideas about yourself? You have submitted to a false god. Now you have to serve that god. The god of identity. Too bad for you.

Will you have a crisis without the attachments that you have known? Have you examined these attachments? What are these things? Examine any of it. Any of the things that you “believe”, these things are controlling your own idea(s) of who you are. However, they are all falsities and they do not matter. You are not a child. I will not provide for you the luxury of treating you as such. If that is what you require, go somewhere else. There is no time for adults that have the emotional and/or psychological maturity of children. You have to be a soldier now. A warrior.

After all, you are being warred upon. If you actually cared about people or had respect for them or truly wanted to affect the trajectory of the world around you, you would not cottle other people. You would not mince your words. You would call a spade a spade. For most, it seems that they are coming from a place that should be stifled as intent is EVERYTHING. However, more than that do not cottle yourself. Identify what the problems are that you may have with any particular thing in life. Examine and analyze these things regularly. Before you can speak a truth to others, you have to be honest with yourself. That’s the most difficult thing to do. Also, it is a continual process of examining your own behaviors. It is easy to be critical of others. It is easy to go through life lacking conscientiousness. We have to keep ourselves in check. That is the struggle. Those things that you persecute others for you are guilty of yourself.

Most do not know themselves since we are living in a world/environment that solely permits superficial introspection at best. There is a disconnect. Find it. Address it. Lest we remain caricatures of ourselves rather than real people present and in the moment. We behave according to programming. Culture is programming. That is why it is so concerning that societal messaging seeks to dictate to us that “White” people have no culture.

On one hand, “They” tell us that only POC (people of color) can speak for themselves (a lie since it is actually They speaking) then on the other hand “They” (who are not of us by virtue of their actions for starters) speak as if They are us and actively deny us our voice since they possess all the power in the world, except for the power of the people of course. They control ALL sides of the conversation. ALL media. Wake up to this fact. ALL consensus is managed, manipulated, and doctored. ALL OF IT.

Echoes, "But they need identity". My friend, you are a warrior now. Everything else comes after that.

Stop going with the flow and instead observe it. Start asking yourself serious questions about this world around you. It is naive to believe that anything occurs by chance.

When I first read particular subjects and materials, many of which I have posted, I did not know the backgrounds or “off-limits” status of many of the great men memorializing these concepts and ideas. I consider that to have been an advantage.

For instance, when I first read William Luther Pierce I (especially, after having experienced so many things first hand especially in the past several years), it struck me how the themes he discussed were so exceedingly apt for our times. It was only afterward reading these ideas that I learned that WLP was ‘public enemy’ no. 1. At first I thought, “oh, no”.

Then I realized, that is the precise reaction they seek to elicit. Let’s think about that for a moment. Had I known prior to reading William Luther Pierce’s work, that the hostile influences that work against us to censor knowledge (all of our “Betters” like the ADL, SPLC, etc. that comprise the information control apparatus and the Stasi of our times) had designated this man’s work “off-limits”, it would have so negatively colored my perceptions of the topics discussed that it would have rendered the information that he took the time to convey altogether worthless.

“The Lord works in mysterious ways”.

I would never have done you the disservice of denying you an unabashed perspective and I never will. There are so many that have put themselves on the line to present to you a true and factual account of the calamity that we are trapped in and have done so at such high risk without asking for anything in return. This is serious business only suited for serious individuals. It is not as a gesture to them that I request that you set aside your mistaken prejudices no matter your walk of life or who you believe yourself to be but I ask you for those who may walk in the future. I ask you to take in and process the information provided. This is our time and this is our fight. We have a duty to generations to come. On the one hand, you are not a child but on the other there is such power in maintaining a sense of purity in our perspective(s).

Just as generations before us had duties to us but faltered in their sublime ignorance, we have the luxury of being nothing less than warriors now because of that fact.

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