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By watch-dogging Leftists, we caught hordes of them using this same Aggressive Mimicry tactic/strategy against White people. This is not the only example. However, the phenomenon on Twitter for the most part came to a head in 2017 where hordes of Leftist "trolls" campaigned to undermine and propagate Anti-White hate on social media. These troll accounts were catalogued and a database was comprised of the thousands upon thousand of Twitter accounts that did this (used that medium to generate the Anti-White bias that has culminated into what you see in the mainstream narrative today and that has set the stage for things to come).

The same pattern was observed over and over, each Leftist "troll" account worked to build the momentum for the Anti-White hate that would follow on our streets and in regular people's lives, like the Amazon worker we featured.

Did Amazon’s ‘White Fragility’ Training Lead Worker to Assault White Woman For Her ‘White Privilege’ (

There would first be a slew of Tweets pushing hatred, racism, and vitriol against "White" people by thousands of accounts working in lock-step making sure to note to their followers repeatedly that they are themselves "White" (Ex. "As a White person", "Fellow white people", etc.) while at the same time sowing the seeds of "Anti-White" racism in the minds of their Twitter followers spewing rhetoric about "systemic racism", "white fragility", and "white privilege". The pattern would follow (Every. Single. Time.) that the "Anti-White" hate pushers would ultimately reveal in some unceremonious style that they were in fact Jewish. Not White. I could've started anywhere in the network of control over Western Civilization to show you what they are deliberately doing to subvert and undermine the fabric of society as it can be readily observed at all levels of society. Suffice to say, you are being warred upon.

There's Nothing New Under The Sun.

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What do the Chinese think about Jewish world domination?

China and the Jews – Darkmoon

China and the Jews

Lasha Darkmoon December 12, 2014 Articles

Published originally on Veterans Today

What do the Chinese think about Jewish world domination?

How would they like to be next on the hit list?

Part 1: On Domination Games

A new article by Kevin MacDonald on China is well worth reading. The article begins with these words: “Tablet [magazine] has an article reflecting Jewish angst over the possibility that the Chinese might think that Jews run America: The Chinese Believe That the Jews Control America: Is That a Good Thing?

MacDonald then goes on to give an extensive quote by the author of the Tablet magazine article, Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore (pictured), in which the young Jewish writer does her best to pooh-pooh the whole idea that Jews control America.

When someone with the name “Sebag-Montefiore” pens an article, the world has to sit up and pay attention. This is because the Montefiores belong to one of the most venerated Jewish families in England—the crème de la crème of British Jewry—the other great Jewish families in England being the Rothschilds, the Sassoons, the Freuds, the Joels, the Neubergers, and the Harts.

Ms Sebag-Montefiore is clearly at pains to convince the Chinese—who she knows will be reading her article with avid interest—that any such idea of Jewish power in America is a malicious anti-Semitic canard.

The Jews, she would like to persuade the Chinese, have at best a marginal influence on American affairs. True, it’s often alleged by people who ought to know better that Jews own the media and Hollywood, but these silly assertions have to be taken with a pinch of salt. The Chinese, with their high intelligence, will see through these specious claims—or, in Ms Sebag-Montefiore’s predictable parlance, “entrenched stereotypes.”

Henry Ford would of course have another view on all this. Writing almost 100 years ago, he said: “Controlling the world’s sources of news, Jews can always prepare the minds of people for their next move.

Here is Ms Sebag-Montefiore doing her valiant best to persuade the Chinese into viewing the Jews through rose-tinted Jewish spectacles:

And now for the flattery: the attempt to prove that Jews and Chinese are kindred spirits under the flesh, united by common ideals and noble aspirations:

To this comment I received a thought-provoking response from writer Franklin Ryckaert, a veteran commenter on Kevin MacDonald’s The Occidental Observer: “It wouldn’t astonish you if you knew about what is called ‘aggressive mimicry’, which is defined thusly :

‘Aggressive mimicry is a form of mimicry in which predators, parasites or parasitoids share similar signals with a harmless model, allowing them to avoid being correctly identified by their prey or host.’” (See here)

Ms Sebag-Montefiore’s entire article founders on that one withering sentence:


A penetrating comment, without a doubt, though not exactly flattering to our Jewish cousins.

I replied:

Franklin Ryckaert agreed. He expressed the hope that the Chinese, for their own sakes, would be a bit smarter than the dopey Americans who had allowed themselves to be sold down the river.

Kevin MacDonald goes on to quote Ms Sebag-Montefiore again, this time about media control. She seems inordinately anxious to persuade the Chinese that the whole concept of Jewish control over the media is an anti-Semitic canard to which even the Chinese (sigh sigh) appear to have succumbed.

“Who, he said, controlled the media.”

Chinese philanthropist Chen Guangbiao handing out money to street cleaners in Nanking

Note the cunning way that’s put. Poor Chen, it seems to suggest, has somehow gotten the silly idea that Jews control the American media! Where on earth did he get such a bizarre idea from? Oy veh, do grow up already Mr Chen, you silly-billy Chinese billionaire!

The flamboyantly generous Chen Guangbiao (pictured), one of China’s 400 richest men, flew into America a year ago and announced to everyone’s surprise his wish to buy up the New York Times. Apparently the Jewish shareholders refused even to meet him to discuss the proposition and his bid was scorned (cartoon pic).

He then said he wanted to buy up the Wall Street Journal, another Jewish-owned newspaper. With engaging chutzpah, he had said he would like to give these Zionist papers “more balance”— a comment which doubtless caused considerable alarm in cosmopolitan circles.

Failing to make any headway in acquiring unbalanced American newspapers, Cheng finally consoled himself with throwing a slap-up lunch in Central Park for 250 homeless New Yorkers

A pity the Chinese billionaire was not allowed to give “more balance” to the Jew-owned mass media by smashing through their monopoly—something that has led to the complete zionization of America in an Israelified police state and the crippling psychological jewification of the American people.

Here is a famous quote from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion on Jewish media control, a book which acclaimed Norwegian Professor Johan Galtung, author of 100 books and more than 1000 scholarly papers, heartily recommends to readers in spite of its reputation as a “forgery”. (See here). Galtung was particularly impressed by this quote on the Jewish stranglehold over the media:

Kevin MacDonald concludes his essay on China with a veiled warning to the Chinese not to pay too much attention to Jewish doubletalk, as represented by the honeyed phrases dripping from the pen of the lovely Ms Sebag-Montefiore.

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