Welcome Back America: Businesses Across The U.S. Opening Together On March 1St

Notwithstanding local, State, or Federal mandates, business owners across the country are banding together to pledge to take a stand against the destructive mandates issued by what can only be described as psychotic "leadership" at every level of government. "Leaders" that are hell bent on creating the suffering of millions of Americans nationwide by starving out their livelihoods and these psychos expect the American people to wait out their own demise. The American people have had enough. A call to action has been issued by Alfie Oakes, of Oakes Farms, asking for fearless business owners all around our country to reopen their stores and restaurants along side his and many others on March 1, 2021. Pledges from business owners all across the nation have poured into freedom@oakesfarm.com as business owners in this great nation pledge to make preparations and open for business alongside their fellow Americans.

Our founding fathers laid it all on the line. We have to make our stand now. Bold Business Owners For Liberty is an initiative of business owners banding together to secure their rights. Americans want to live freely and in particular to be able to make a living and to be able to feed their families. These mandates are tyrannical as they are designed and intended to harm masses of people. You are not alone. Many are reaching out to pledge to open their business on March 1, 2021, please reach out at freedom@oakesfarm.com.

Make the pledge today.

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