Dr. Tony Martin: The Jewish Onslaught

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The Jewish attack on black progress reached Wellesley college in 1993, when more Jewish organizations than you could shake a stick at issued a call for the dismissal of Dr. Tony Martin from his tenured professorship at the elite women's college as well as directed a course of targeted harassment and intimidation against the professor. His "crime"? He had included less than one day's worth of readings on Jewish involvement in the African slave trade in his survey course on African American history. Martin replies to his detractors and offers an historian analysis of the escalating Jewish onslaught against black people. Now it is the turn of the Jews to retract, apologize and pay reparations for their invention of the HAMITIC MYTH, which killed many people more than all the anti-Jewish pogroms and holocausts in Europe.

An essay on Black-Jewish relations, primarily in the United States, by a professor of African American History who became embroiled in controversy over his classroom use of a book detailing the well- documented Jewish role in the Atlantic slave trade. The Jewish Onslaught discusses, among other things, the increasing attacks of Jewish organizations on Black leaders and scholars, the alleged halcyon period of a Black-Jewish alliance, the Jewish role in the slave trade and the Jewish attack on Afrocentrism.

"This is from a book titled "The Jewish Onslaught" by a black history professor named Tony Martin. He taught history at Wellesley college.

One of his classes discussed slavery, and he discussed who was responsible for slavery. Well, lets just say those people responsible for slavery, didn't like him discussing this in a college class.

And so they went after him publicly in the media, professionally and in many subversive ways (unfounded accusations, etc.). So, he wrote a book about how they attacked him for speaking the truth." By M. Jacob

The Jewish Onslaught

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