EXPOSED: The KALERGI PLAN & The Subversive International Networks Undermining Western Civilization

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An Impactful, introductory expose of the World Jewish Congress: World Jewish Congress Exposed: The WJC is one of the most subversive and heavily networked Jewish international subversive groups with numerous offshoots and collaborative Jewish organizations.

There are countless subversive Jewish International organizations of which the WJC or World Jewish Congress is just one of many. The WJC is highly significant, far more so than the ADL although is a junior organization to the B’nai B’rith. All of these organizations work in conjunction with one another to various extents and with Israeli state intelligence. Article after article I will be exposing them all in turn with additional follow up in-depth articles.

The subversive International network the: World Jewish Congress displays a transparently subversive, hypocritical and corrosive attitude towards undermining the racial awareness and racial interests of us Europeans. In its own history the WJC website admits in a typically deceptive manner that its purpose is to subvert others (including entire nations) for the interests of Jews and that their racial cohesion versus all others is at the core of their mission.

They display on their website the slogan:

“All Jews are responsible for one another”

But this does not mean they will be responsible for the Kaganovich’s, Zinoviev’s (architects of the Holodomor and subsequent Soviet economic policies) and Genrikh Yagoda’s Europeans have suffered under the genocidal malice of or in any way engaging in any positive responsibility for their behavior. This is undeniable as the group was founded in 1936 and in fact suppresses the very mentioning of these (at the time contemporary and then later) Jewish genocidal monsters. It is clear the WJC formed in opposition to a successful expose of Jewish influence in continental Europe, as it was formed 1 year after the democratic victory of the German nation over Jewish leadership, which years later world Jewry would force other European nations into fratricidal war with and then a push towards the execution of the Kalergi plan.

World Jewish Congress Exposed: The WJC admits quite openly that it is the de-facto propaganda front of International Jewish efforts.

For anyone or a certain Jewish organization’s legal team doubting that public diplomacy equals propaganda here is the Encyclopedia Britannica definition:

The WJC also reveals itself as one of the primary perpetrators of the ‘debt collection’ of non-Jews to Jews under various facades including but not limited to the proven as false (via lacking any empirical evidence and in fact conflicting with actual evidence such as allied aerial photographs and the Leuchter report) notion of the ‘holocaust’.

The WJC also boasts about its “privileged relations” with the leadership of Christianity and various Islamic groups. This reinforced both the reality that Christianity is allied with Jewish subversion and that the partial Islamization of Europe is also acceptable to Jews and that they are not allies in their opposition to Islamic ideology or migration. Meanwhile Jewish Subversive lecturers (primarily in the Judaized academia of America and increasingly worldwide) attack Europeans for our imaginary ‘privilege’ whilst these Jewish subversives literally boast about it on the WJC website as if it is part of their CV which of-course, perceptive, racially-aware, Jewish-Subversion aware ‘goyim’ are not even supposed to be reading about…let alone writing about.

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