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FREEDOM MARCH: HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS Have Descended On London To Angrily Protest Lockdowns in London

By Alex McKinnell

In relation to the Freedom March Blackout, I'm in no way surprised. The media will only cover what benefits itself and it's benefactors unless they can spin it in a way that suits their narrative. If the reports of 500,000+ people rising up as one voice to say, "NO! WE WILL NOT ROLL OVER AND ACCEPT THIS!", are even remotely accurate then there was never going to be any way that they could spin it for their own gain.

Maybe if it was a few thousand like in the past the media can lie about the numbers but not this time. This time it had to be blanket ignored. They have to keep ahead of the rhetoric, of course. I wonder how much longer it'll be before it cannot be ignored. How long before these marches rise up on every street? In every village? In every town?! The ignored masses will only be ignored for so long much like you can only push someone for so long and so far before they push back!

Freedom will not be contained, it will not be will be will be free!!!

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