How Did Marxist Anti-White Propaganda Become Popular Culture?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021


Noel Ignatiev - Wikipedia

Our Symposium on the Life and Work of Noel Ignatiev | Insurgent Notes

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Philly was lost years ago to “Marxism” as so many places were because the people, the inhabitants themselves cannot discern truth. That malady is still spreading. That they are unable to perceive truth, that is their bondage. Leave them to it. Where the people have bought the lies, let them pay the cost. You CANNOT save people. There is a reason that words/ideas may be spoken to some and they hear clear as a bell but others are deaf. That some may see and others Will Not. It is NOT their will.

I mean to say that their Will is weak. Outwardly they appear strong but they are weak. They are weak-willed and therefore weak-minded.

I am telling you in no uncertain terms that individuals that are NOT centered are susceptible to what can only be described as hypnotism. M’kay?

Rally your own. You will know them and they will know you.

I commend these White men (Patriot Front) for their conviction and fortitude. Thank you. Thank you for letting us know that you are still here. Brought a tear to my eye and I wish I was able to be there with these men. Now we know of you in particular. If that is the utility of such an effort, you have been effective. Best case scenario.

The Left will proceed to use you to further hypnotize the masses who you will be served up to as the foretold boogeyman.

As I watched yet another strong showing by White men to defend Western Civilization, its values, and what we stand for, I wondered as I often do “where are all of the so-called “minority” men standing up for values? Has every single non-White male fallen for the Marxist indoctrination? Have non-Whites ever even heard of Noel Ignatiev or people like this? As non-Whites, do they understand what is happening to Western Civilization? Do non-Whites even know that everything that we experience socio-culturally is planned and managed? Do they think this is happenstance or somehow naturally occurring?

Noel Ignatiev - Wikipedia

Our Symposium on the Life and Work of Noel Ignatiev | Insurgent Notes

Download PDF • 593KB

Society is pigeonholed by various categorizations. Primary of which is race. So, I have to ask where is the “African American” contingency? (Black, whatever you wanna call yourselves or allow them to label you). Where is the “Latino” contingency? Look into the roots of that cultural construct. Who were the “Ladinos”. Where’s my Asian contingency? Have you all fallen for the Marxist propaganda?

The only men ever putting forth a show of strength against those that seek to destroy our country, are White men. The men who are the subject of this article have exhibited true strength of conviction. We are with you.

While labels and such categories are exhausting, we must be resourceful. Make something out of nothing. Like a recipe. You need the best of ingredients. People must work together.

The sobering truth is that you’re already set into natural categorizations. Capitalize on it. Your skin is your uniform. The infamous “They” wants to have control over our natural racial, ethnic, and cultural differences and They use their influence to deceive people into looking at these particular differences as off limits and negatively (especially White people). Nobody is asking why is that? Noel Ignatiev - Wikipedia They do this only so that They may control and/or limit our human potential(s) to overcome their Baalshit. It's being used by those hostile to your very existence. Might as well use it to your own advantage. It's not like you can escape it.

Equality and equity is a deception. They know what the likely outcomes are of every social engineering antic that they pull on you. It's ALWAYS the opposite of what They tell you.

We all want self-determination. Self-determination is freedom. Not the pursuit of these Rights you keep chasing generation after generation. “They” will never let you forget your differences. They will continue to use them against you and They will continue to work to pit you against each other in perpetuity, further weakening you respectively by utilizing their brands of chaos and disorientation. “They” CANNOT give you Rights.

We are all rich in our own people, our own heritage(s), and our children. This is why we have to come together. They are after our children. Not one group “Matters” because “They” say so. If you are here reading this, you have either already chosen morality and/or you are now being asked to make that choice right now. You have not been counted yet my friend.

I am here to tell you that you are what you do. What have you done? If you have done nothing, that is what you are until you do something (for goodness and morality).

Use any differences to your advantage to build a group and/or sure-up your particular group whatever category you find that you fit into to fight Marxism. Come together with others “like” you. Use your natural, God-given strengths so that we may achieve an unparalleled strength. We know what we want. We want self-determination. We want a safe and secure future for all of our children. These are NOT things that I can broker with the power apparatus. I must broker them with you directly.

How can you be satisfied with merely surviving? That is all you are doing now, and barely. It is going to get worse and worse until you completely submit. Future generations do not stand a chance at the rate we are going. It does not matter what your race, ethnicity, or heritage is. They don’t give a shit. You are farmed, a mere number. They have solely made you “believe” their deceptions (Baalshit) but it is the reassurances of psychopaths telling you that "you matter" for things they use to stifle you. Stop being a co-dependent. Stand on your own two feet. Stand up.

A solid foundation will come only after the blocks are in place. You are that block and people depend on you (especially children). THAT is why you matter. Each group must be represented and then brought together to create an unstoppable force for goodness’ sake.

Men have a duty no matter their racial, ethnic, cultural, or sexual orientation. That’s right. Just because you are homosexual (“Gay”) does NOT absolve you of your natural duty. I’m not addressing the Marxist faggots nor any others that promote or are accepting of any character of pedophilia. I am speaking to those that understand what is at risk, our children. Fyi, once upon a time the word queer was synonymous with pedophilia. That is what gay men have put their energies behind so far. No es bueno.

Civilization depends on the strength of men. White men clearly understand this. However, I know that many White men are becoming reticent. Many are waiting for the unavoidable collapse. For it all to be burned down by the Left. White men are exhausted with the continual barrages of abuse from Leftists, Marxists, Feminists, “minorities”, etc.

Let’s be clear. White men are and will ALWAYS be our ONLY hope for a safe and secure civilization. However, it is not right to continue to allow White men to take such abuse to be labeled White Supremacists by the actual Supremacists that rule over us.

I am what I do. So are you. Nothing less, nothing more.

So-called “minorities” must understand that all that has happened and is happening is not happenstance but a concerted effort. The sad reality is that a great majority of you will not even comprehend what I am saying even if I say it in plain English.


Quick story: As a kid getting your haircut short was a punishment in our household. My sister was born beautiful and has been so every step of her life. A raven. However, as kids it created a strange dynamic and/or sensibility in our mother. I always perceived it as envy even though she'd (our mother) try to mask it as other things. Women can be strange like that. People with these "inclinations" are not to be trusted. Also notable was the fact that my sister was born with a particular wherewithal that children rarely possess.

As a residual effect of my mother's targeting of my sister particularly in her teenage years, my hair would be cut too but the punishment was actually my sister's for being beautiful. I was a tomboy. It would make my sister cry to have her hair hacked off almost violently or even worse to be commanded to cut it off herself, and my mother would eat it up. Some people thrive on hurting others anyway that they can. Stay away from those types of people. Just like in our times now, there are so many of that same energy.

Now, where I come from it's a BIG deal to cry and not easily come by. You'd never give them the dignity. Not like you hear the female gender is supposed to be. We're born stoic. My sister was so attached to her hair, however. It was a part of her, of course. Having long hair is a part of your beauty ladies. My response was to tell our mother how much I liked the short hair and let her know when it was getting a bit long. As an adult, I cut my hair short once in my very early 20's because I'd dyed it a lot when I was in my first profession (cosmetology) and I looked like (white) trash. After that I never cut it again voluntarily. Only ever cut it again because of a fire. Another story for another time. Somebody else's carelessness cost me my long beautiful brunette hair but I didn't cry. I made them pay for it.

Long story short, I figured out fairly early that attachments may be used to harm you and you cannot be so attached to any - thing - that it may control you or be used to control you. You must control it. Control yourself. Control your reactions. Control reality. A continual effort. When a thing of yours is used against you, especially, you must re-order the position of things in that social dynamic. Now somebody else is using a thing of yours against you to harm you. I am telling you to not only disarm them but to use it against them. What is it that they fear? You.

Always exercise full agency over yourself. They hate that.

Disney uses Star Wars as a Socialist Marxist Communist Propaganda Piece | Liberty Galaxy

The Story of Injecting Marxist Propaganda in History and Humanities Textbooks (

Disney uses Star Wars as a Socialist Marxist Communist Propaganda Piece | Liberty Galaxy

Activists held a march through downtown Philadelphia on the eve of Independence Day in true recognition of the day of our national independence, and asserting the right of Americans to assemble and voice the will of the nation's cause.

The march crossed notable landmarks across downtown, such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, City Hall, and Independence Hall. While contested by a small and disorganized cavalcade of individuals, the march proceeded and concluded without any harm coming to the activists, or any substantial delays in a safe exit from the marching route.

The activists were briefly halted by armed denizens of the state, who were all too happy to leave the violence-riddled crimescape of a city to its own convulsions while they gloated and posed for interviews. After a emblematic display of bureaucratic incompetence, the police concluded their harassments and the activists completed their task in the city. To face these injustices is to seek not to simply celebrate our national day of independence, but to exercise that freedom we have left, amid the hallowed grounds that once fostered a righteous cause that would ring down the centuries to us.

The wills of the men whose names were first affixed to the documents that would shape a prosperous nation have long since been absent in the streets around which these events occurred. In that city, men of our nation once kindled the flames of revolution, to challenge the might of a global order which had never seen defeat. Treason, it was called, traitors they were in the eyes of foreign rule. It is once again a radical notion, a so-called treasonous thought to say that Americans must dictate America, that our government must have roots in the very nature of our people.

These things have been forgotten. Decades of lies and half truths have been heaped upon the foundation. That which they cannot steal, they twist into a pale imitation meant to placate us into a quiet submission. To make us accept that we are surrounded by the ruins of the world that was once promised to us. Prosperity corrupted into decadence. Liberty violated to the point of self destruction. Sovereignty bent to imperialism.

Days made sacrosanct by the virtuous and revolutionary ought to be honored in the same spirit that made us recognize the fourth. Asserting our right to forge our own national destiny is worth all that we must give and more. Those days of July saw patriots in chains, in mass graves, starved, beaten, robbed of all they had. Yet today the customary tradition is to meekly "celebrate" one revolution, when another's time has come. To conclude anything else, is to abuse what liberties we yet have, given to us steeped in the blood of patriots and tyrants.

In the year that has passed, the fires have not gone out, the blood has not left the streets, the halls of government have not slowed in their mission to see us all as slaves, or corpses. -- Neither have we tired, neither have we forgotten every injustice exacted upon our people and pledged to enact immutable justice, neither will we abandon our cause or see our days absent the work of a revolutionary! To make the men, who will make a nation. To teach the truths that will wake a generation. To bring forward an untarnished beacon of resistance.

America stands at the crossroads of an era. An uncertain future lies in the hands of a new generation which has been given a simple choice between sovereignty and subjugation. America suffers under the rule of an occupied government. Tyrants, with delusions of infinite power, have declared the American people too weak to revolt. The damage done to the nation will not be fixed with the approval of the dysfunctional system which remains American in name only. Democracy has failed this once great nation. The resurgence of the American Spirit will bring with it the death of tyranny. The torch of revolution has been lit.

When our pre-Columbian forefathers left their European homes, they found a savage continent. They held a variety of purpose, yet against the harsh life on the frontier and the common enemy in the strange and unexplored reaches of America yet to be touched by civilization, they found a common cause and a common identity as Americans. From the varied nations and cultures of Europe a new nation was forged in the flames of conquest. E Pluribus Unum was the new creed that bound our people together with their pan-European identity as Americans. To be an American is to be a descendant of conquerors, pioneers, visionaries, and explorers. This unique identity was given to us by our ancestors, and this national spirit remains firmly rooted in our blood.

Our mission is a hard reset on the nation we see today— a return to the traditions and virtues of our forefathers. The same spirit that urged our ancestors onward to create this nation will once again be brought to light, and a new America will be built within its current dilapidated, shameful iteration. Generation after generation lived in war and strife so that their descendants may know peace. It was their duty to give their lives in such a way. The torch is now passed to our generation, and it is our duty to make their sacrifices mean something.

From within a society ruled by those who have become unable to foresee any horizon beyond themselves, our goal is to create a union of Americans building the future. This new generation of patriots will live with loyalties to a greater cause and a grand vision of the America that awaits their descendants.

Our national way of life faces complete annihilation as our culture and heritage are attacked from all sides. From the many individuals of our people, a collective will emerge, a network linking the faithful of our people together in strength and unity. Within these bounds we will begin the creation of our grand vision. Politics have played a large part in destroying this nation, and it will not be politics that will save us. The State that governs us is wholly resistant to the change that is required to save the nation as it convulses and devours itself with unprecedented corruption. This nation once sought freedom from a tyrannical, global power, and those who fought for liberty dedicated their efforts to the people they served rather than the government that denied them a future.

Our people have conquered injustice before, both within our lands and within ourselves. Tyranny wields new implements today, yet it bears the same ugly face. Americans are on the threshold of becoming a conquered people. No foreign state waved its banner on the halls of governance, yet it was our flag which grew foreign as the years passed. A new tyranny must be met with a new resistance.

America needs a generation of brave men to fearlessly rise to face all threats to their collective interests. A generation steeled in their effort to realize their grand vision of a new nation. This gathering of the faithful — the true inheritors of America — will urge our people onward.

To form a new and just State, we must first instill a reformed national spirit within our people — a people free from the vices of the modern world and a people with a fervor to see themselves free. The cohesion and unity of our people will be the most powerful weapon to be used in our tireless struggle for the nation and its timeless cause. Every soul who embodies the struggle will be an indispensable component of our unified effort for national sovereignty and collective liberty.

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