I Am An Investigative Researcher examining the Leftist Authoritarian Apparatus, Here Are My Thoughts

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Nemeth, Debs

Investigative Researcher examining the Leftist Authoritarian Apparatus, focusing on ground level anarcho-communism, its roots and rise to Liberal politics, the death of Conservativism, the reshaping of the American socio-cultural landscape, the role of corporations in governance, NGO's, independent financiers, lobbyists, Ritual Occultism, Occult Symbolism, Mass Ritualism, Child Trafficking and ritual torture, sex and drug trafficking industry, in short the Globalist Syndicate and the multitude of institutions stifling humanity and how they all tie together in the communist take over of Western Civilization.

In the process of moving my Facebook work to other platforms that support freedom of speech. I cover subjects that may make people uneasy. However, they are sourced and taken from the proverbial 'horse's mouth'. The timeline is moving faster than people have been able to keep up with thus far. Please visit me at www.debarelli.com.

In an environment hostile to dissent where merely disagreeing evokes violence and draconian censorship, self-professed anarcho-communists and "Marxists" are burning down our cities and warring to reshape our culture. Leftist ground troops like Antifa and Black Lives Matter ("Black Antifa") have made communion with the mainstream media, Democrat politicians, corporations and every institution of society. As we move forward, we have seen that the "Left" hides their true intentions less and less as they incrementally gain power.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter ("Black Antifa") loudly proclaim their intentions to destroy Western Civilization. They announced years ago their campaign to End Whiteness.

If you did not understand Charlottesville back in 2017, things must be coming into perspective for you now regarding the true nature of the Charlottesville event and what we were fighting. It was and has always been a war against self-fashioned anarcho-communists and "Marxists" (Antifa, BLM, SJW's) and their campaign to "End Whiteness" and destroy America. While the American cultural and political landscape has changed abruptly and suddenly for so many, these elements have been around for decades. None of this is new. It's just new to you. Charlottesville was the culmination of this battle. While current events represent a wake up call for many, for others it still requires coming up to speed since they are clinging to a past long gone. The days of the Democrats holding any values and/or being what we refer to as "Kennedy Democrats" is a distant memory. If you still believe that Joe Biden is a moderate politician styled after that Kennedy legacy, you are out your mind and easily led. We cannot help you. The Democrats today are not the Kennedy Democrats that we have known and have not been for some time now.

While the entire (Overton) window has shifted Left, it has become necessary to point out the obvious to far too many folks. No. 1 - THERE IS NO RIGHT WING No. 2 - Democrats have slid dangerously Left, they are Leftists (neo-Bolshevik mindsets), and are no longer Kennedy Democrats. No. 3 - Every time you hear of a "White Nationalist" or "White Supremacist" or a "Right Wing" attack, you will always find that the individual's views and politics are on the Left. No. 4 - Conservatives don't conserve shit and certainly not values. However, they are widely comprised of the old Kennedy-minded Democrats. The Conservatives of old are no more thanks (or not) to Donald Trump. Today's Conservativism is actually something else altogether. Trumpism perhaps. For example, you would never find an LGBT wing or section of the Conservative Party of old. Conservatives in the Trump era are Liberals and are ushering in the same Socialist policy we need to avoid.

Many Democrats and Centrist, probably your very own neighbors, have not caught on to these facts yet. Rest assured that the timeline does not wait for anyone to play catch up. Things are moving along rapidly. It is easy to fool individuals stuck in a quagmire of idealist politics and culture, whose views of America have not been directly touched by Leftism or racial violence for that matter. Nonetheless, for Conservatives to admonish their Democrat neighbors as "Commies" is not only utterly unhelpful, it plays into the greater dynamic that molds consensus. No. 5 The us vs. them polarity is not Right vs. Left. Again, there is NO Right wing. There is only Leftist Authoritarianism in its many forms vs. Every free man and woman. Meaning, every American, every individual whose views fall to the right of radical Leftism is your ally in the fight against the Leftist Authoritarian scourge that is bearing down on you and their intent to unravel and destroy Western Civilization. The Leftists have told you that they are fighting to End Whiteness. That is in their own words. Google it.

By Ending Whiteness they mean they want to eradicate White people and the entirety of Western/White civilization and all of the ideas, traditions, and social structures that go along with that. The backbone of which is the family unit. It really is that simple. Destroy the family and you destroy Western Civilization. In every Western country worldwide, the same thing is occurring. Doesn't matter if it is South Africa where they're systematically killing the white farmers or England where the white citizens are jailed without even given a reason and their children are being predated upon by migrants and minority rape gangs. Every country in Western Civilization is the same story. The same predicament. You can cry a tear for minorities all you want. When you are a minority, you will not receive the same treatment. As the majority group in Western countries, you are already being targeted. My God. Wake up. Just open your eyes.

Get acquainted with the terms neo-Bolshevism and 'permanent revolution', pay attention to the finer points of what occurred back in 1917 in Russia and who those people actually were. All things run downstream of the occult, of religion. Look at the statistics. Do your homework. The powers that be rely on the fact that you will not do the hard work and they do everything that they can to deny you your ability to perform due diligence over most everything in your life, veritably everything that affects you in your life. They arrogantly tell you that they control what you think. Listen to them carefully. They always tell you exactly who and what they are in a cloud of distraction.

#Voltaire. "To find out who rules over you, find out who you cannot criticize." Truly the most prolific shit poster of all time until Donald J. Trump. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote against the Leftist Authoritarian Apparatus that controls every institution of society.

Remember, nobody's coming to save you. That is a timeless myth borne of tyranny to fool capable individuals into abdicating their own personal power and agency to a false idea that was only ever designed to distort reality. It is up to decent, freedom loving Americans to overcome this crafted thought environment so that we may fight to become free thinking individuals in order to save Western Civilization.

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