Is The "Australian Commie Gov't" Using Seasoned Mercenaries To War Against Defenseless Australians?

This is scary stuff folks. You be the judge. Is Predator Security And Defense being used by the Australian government to create military conflict against defenseless Australian citizens?

The question has been posed. What is this symbol that has been seen on Australian police force uniforms during the recent communist authoritarian crack down on defenseless Aussies. We have witnessed the determination of the communist governments in our sister countries such as Canada, New Zealand, and Australian as those governments push forth with their New World Order agenda against the will of their own citizens.

Now it appears that the Australian government is employing the services of seasoned mercenaries against unarmed citizens in that once hopeful country.

This is what will happen in the U.S. if we ever give up our guns. They will not hesitate to use military style contractors (mercenaries) against us. Your governments are telling you who they are Western Civilization.


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