Leftist Dark Occultism Musing

It's funny because everything we're seeing (on the global and national theaters) runs downstream of the occult. This Oct. 31st is actually a Blue Moon with a planetary separation aspect. Key to note because the people we're dealing with really do believe in dark occultism and ritual craft. The last time there was a Blue Moon on their high holiday (Oct. 31st) was almost 20 years ago back in 2004 or so. If the things we've seen in 2020 were a part of a ritual exercise, it would play out like this - Exercise #1 Coronavirus (The Maiden) laying down the start of the ritual, Exercise #2 Racial Unrest (The Mother) the ritual gains momentum, Exercise #3, ??? to be revealed (The Crone) when the full power of the ritual exercise is manifested. Meaning the full effect of the power of the ritual is unleashed. We've seen what the so-called "Right" has to offer by way of an October Surprise i.e. Hunter Biden Crackhead Extraordinaire. 

What will the Left counter? The theft of this monumental election? Something really big and really bad you can be sure of that. 9-11 Mass Ritual level? Idk. Riots maybe?

Massive riots even compared to what we have already seen all these years are probably the most likely scenario because these people derive their energy from the masses of other individuals who are not centered and who in buying into any one of the other components of the core destructive ideology are set up to easy to fall under their influence. That means all levels of liberal bullshit, including LGBTQ, Racial, Gender, Sexuality, etc. When you buy into anyone of these components it is set up to draw you in further.

This is just a musing based on research I have done over the past several years. I don't have the answers. All I have are questions but I know what we're dealing with - a Leftist cult syndicate.

How do you defend against a thing that you cannot possibly comprehend as a decent human being that believes in a power higher than yourself? #Go Out And Be Human

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