Teacher Loses Job After Targeted By Leftists Over Tweet In Social Media Lynching

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

This story's really fitting to kick off Black History Month. Here's some background. A kindergarten teacher at Charlotte’s Sugar Creek Charter School, Jarrin Wooten, was targeted by Leftist after posting a tweet they didn't like over the weekend.

Late Sunday morning, a tweet went out from Jarrin Wooten’s account.

It said, 'Hitler was trying to keep those demonic … Rothschilds and fractional reserve banks out of Germany and then we let those same 'Jews' come to America and teach us he was a terrorist … all I’ll say is look into it some more.”

No lies detected. Unfortunately, Mr. Wooten is learning that Leftists do not tolerate wrong think. Clearly, Mr. Wooten is an intelligent individual that thinks for himself and questions overriding dogma. That of course is a sin not permitted by the Left.

Essentially, Leftists are gonna fuckin destroy him. His entire life. He's just finding out who his masters are. No joke. They are in the process of undertaking a campaign to target every aspect of his life so that he cannot function in society. That means destroying his ability to make a living, have a place to live, and any support system. That's what the Left does to people that step out of line. They have been doing this to people for eons. Take for example Professor Tony Martin or more recently Nick Cannon, Desean Jackson, Ice Cube, etc. You don't go against the Left.

Why is it such a problem to speak the truth?

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For all the bullshit Leftists sell minorities, the reality is that identity status of any character is an illusion and but a tool to be utilized to their ends alone. Step out of line and you quickly find out how much currency your skin color actually has. You will be publicly chastised, humiliated, un-personed, beaten down, and economically eviscerated. We've witnessed this occur of late to black men in sports that spoke against Leftist dogma and were beaten into submission by the very group they were calling out. Da Jews. That's what I'm seeing. Only when identity status works for Leftist ideology pushing may you enjoy it. This's what happens when you disagree. The social media hyenas come for you. When you think for yourself, you are punished and being black all the sudden means absolutely nothing to Liberals. That is because in reality this is an ideological war. Minorities only have currency when they are obedient and use their energies to Leftist ends. Otherwise, you get a 21st Century lynching.

Take a look at what they did to Prof. Tony Martin decades ago. The Left has a textbook M.O. and now they have enough leverage to target anyone they choose and do it on a national scale in the light of day. This's Cancel Culture. It's public lynchings and a digital French Revolution. What are we going to do about it now that anyone can plainly see the Left for what they truly are? They are totalitarians.

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