MARC DICE Asks: What Should Happen When People Post Racist Facts?

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

"Progress" as it turns out is code for the chaos component necessary to bring about The Great Reset.

Literally, nothing has changed throughout the years as it pertains to what demographic is responsible for committing the majority of the violent crime in this country (USA). However, we can look elsewhere in Western Civilization and see the same results. How is it that England and Wales (of all places) as well as other Western countries are experiencing the same exact proportion of violent crime numbers at the hands of their minority populations too? A consensus has been built among the younger generations that even mentioning such a thing is Hate Speech. Because the perpetrators are Black, the mere mention of that fact is Racist. It is Hate Speech to discuss measurable data. Facts. We live in the dystopia now.

There's no need for me to write a long article on what others have outlined repeatedly and consecutively every single year for decades. The demographic responsible for the majority of violent crime(s) in this country is and will continue to be "Black"/"African American". The mindboggling reality is that "Blacks" kill other "Blacks" at staggering rates. I know that you already know this so I'm not gonna beat a dead horse. However, why do you think that the "authorities" work to sweep this phenomenon under the carpet? Racial violence is a topic that increasingly you're not permitted to talk about because it would disrupt "Progress".

"Progress" as it turns out is code for the chaos component necessary to bring about The Great Reset.

So, as a still vibrant citizen living in a hard-working, American community, trying to work and raise a family as the chaos swells outside of the powder kegs set all across this country your poor Grand-mom who has long since paid her dues and performed her natural duty of raising a strong American family and supporting her husband for a lifetime (a husband who has since passed), she too is left to deal with this calamity called "Progress". This Grand-mom I speak of is African American. True story.

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