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Marxist Twitter Tactics: Mainstream Journalists, Leftists, and Pedophilia

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

By D. Nemeth

In a bid to rewrite law in the State of California pertaining to sexual contact with minors, Democrats have once again designed legislation to circumvent the laws in place to protect minors against sexual predators. In the State of California, a minor cannot legally consent to sex. In January 2019, Democrat Senator Scott Weiner first introduced legislation that “would exempt from mandatory registration under the act a person convicted of certain offenses involving minors if the person is not more than 10 years older than the minor and if that offense is the only one requiring the person to register”.

Meaning that adults less than 10 years older than a minor who they are convicted of having illegal sexual contact with either anal or oral sex with, that individual would not automatically be added to the sex-offender registry. Democrat Scott Weiner’s bill leaves it up to a judge to determine whether or not an adult having illegal sexual contact with a minor between the ages of 14 and 17 would be placed on the sex offender registry rather than have it occur automatically. This legislation has been signed into law.

This week Sen. Weiner tweeted defenses to his curious bill, “SB 145 ends discrimination against #LGBTQ young people on the sex offender registry,”. “Currently, these youth are forced onto the registry for consensual sex — even if a judge doesn’t think it’s appropriate — in situations where straight youth are not. This discrimination destroys lives.”

It has long been a strategy of Leftists to intertwine Marxist ideology with identity politics and specifically LGBTQ issues in order to confuse LGBTQ community interests with their own twisted world view. The extreme Left posing as Democrats (the take over is essentially complete now) have been wildly successful in this endeavor to conflate otherwise mutually exclusive interests. In fact, these Leftists currently have an unsuspecting public believing that their brand of Marxism, which includes deviant sexuality and predation of children, is LGBTQ. The days of the voices of Leftists being the loudest, are coming to a close as the wider public awakens to their agenda.

Enter “Qanon and it’s Trump adherents”.

The army of QAnons are composed of regular, every day citizens and individuals spread across the continents who steadfastly fight for and have positioned themselves as diligent defenders against child trafficking, pedophilia, and the proliferous networks and systems embedded within our society that enable and facilitate this malfeasance. The QAnons have taken up the banner for the children, minors who are or have been the victims of sex trafficking, abuse, and all manner of sexual predation but have no voice. This includes the latest stunts by Netflix, as well as taking on the behemoth media and Leftist lawmakers. For decades, our own media has largely turned a blind eye to the systemic problem of child trafficking, pedophilia, and the ritual torture of children deeming their plight unworthy. Why is that?

The “Democrats’” latest stunt to rewrite the laws that are already in place to protect vulnerable children against sexual predators, this time penned by Senator Weiner (there’s that name again), and then hide behind identity status, reveals once again the usage of a longstanding method employed by Marxists. Not only did the media and politicians come out in defense of Sen. Weiner, they provided the reasons Mr. Weiner should be defended and by whom. That is in point of fact what they are doing when they for instance state on Twitter as tweeted by, “Because he is Jewish and gay, Scott Weiner has borne the brunt of unrelenting anti-semitic and homophobic comments and posts.

If we are keen to the messaging of the Left as crafty as they are, most of all the media, we are left to understand that it is now somehow anti-semitic and homophobic to stand in defense of children against sexual abuse and predation. If this recent occurrence involving Sen. Weiner’s lax legislation was the sole, relevant example, we might overlook such subtleties.

However this is only one of a series of examples. The Left’s defense of the Netflix debut of “Cuties”, a film that sexualizes prepubescent girls, and how they model their defense as an LGBTQ and Jewish issue is another recent and relevant example of what the Leftist apparatus does to protect not only one of their own by hiding the individual behind and/or within a group identity but to defend and promote a wider mission.

Sen. Weiner was forcefully defended in the thunderdome known as Twitter by the army of individuals who identify themselves as members of the various and particular groups called out by the media and journalists to do so. Whenever issues dealing with the sexualization of children arise, the identity groups mobilized by Leftists are always the same. Take note. Tweets put out by journalists and the media like this are a call to their constituency to defend their fellow deviant. As an aside, you may believe that it is harsh to refer to these individuals as deviants, but remember what we are talking about here.

The media and Leftist apparatus ensures the defense of their deviant world view and very importantly the individuals promoting the same by putting on notice the adherents to whatever identity class they choose to invoke and/or mobilize.

As members of identity politics groups set in place to be exploited by the Left, individuals that subscribe to these identity groups mindlessly join in on the social media moshpit attack as they are directed. For instance, what we see on Twitter. The individuals that identify with group statuses that are now entirely colored by Marxism, (some would say Trotskyism) are called out by journalists and the media to defend this brand of Marxism and specifically to defend high profile individuals like Sen. Weiner, and thereby his deviancy either with direct knowledge of these facts or indirectly by virtue of identity recognition.

This is what you are dealing with, unsuspecting America. The intention of this article is to provide insight into what the mechanisms of manipulations utilized by these enemies of The People are and why Twitter is such a big deal. You may also come to understand why your President has chosen this platform as well.

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