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NY Times: Elderly white people shouldn't get coronavirus vaccine priority to level playing field

<"By Robert Fleisher

THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF TRUE RACISM... Why has everything come down to race in America? For many years, progressives keep pushing for leveling playing fields by tilting them to favor one group over another. Leveling playing fields is about the most UNAMERICAN manner in which to live. We don’t level the playing field in sports, because in sports merit is the sole judge of accomplishment. We should judge people on merit, but alas, we don’t when race is injected into the process. Instead we not only tilt playing fields toward some groups, we tilt those playing fields to the disadvantage of other groups, think Asian students.">

Article -

The COVID-19 vaccine rolled out this week, and now there is a debate about which groups should be a priority on the coronavirus vaccine waiting list. The New York Times attempted to answer the question about the COVID-19 priority list in an article titled "The Elderly vs. Essential Workers: Who Should Get the Coronavirus Vaccine First?"

The article featured health experts, economists, and epidemiologists to give their insight into who should move to the front of the line for the COVID-19 vaccine. Much to the shock of many readers, the experts considered race when deciding who received priority in receiving the potentially life-saving vaccine.


Expert tells NY Times: Elderly white people shouldn't get coronavirus vaccine priority in order to 'level playing field' with minorities - TheBlaze

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