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Our Interferometer: Our Brain.

Kevin Haze

I was asked about consciousness today, after posting an article some time ago. Here is my response:

What has been ignored in most of the electromagnetic devices is the Back EMF. Remember, every electrical reaction has an equal and opposing magnetic function. This is what consciousness is. This is what thought is. Consciousness is simply a pseudo-intellectual term meaning thought.

Wondering what thought is defeats the thought itself. Ideas can be tested and applied. Ideas have real-world values unless they are discussed into obscurity by philosophers. Philosophers will talk an idea to death without ever testing it. It seems that these are the people discussing consciousness, as they do not have ideas of their own to test and apply. This is why I do not engage with false academics. It is simply psychoanalytical bullshit. Thought is magnetic, not electrical.

Thought is electromotive, not electrostatic. This means that it is moving beyond the scope of our observation.

Thought wave functions are compression fields that affect our physical surroundings. Thinking about thought itself, without finding value in the ideas, the thought itself is like discussing water, without knowing how to drink it, or without using it to grow crops. It is philosophy, not science. Science is based on applications, just as Dr. Masaru Emoto tested his ideas using water as a storage capacitor for thought waves being induced by people. He could evaluate the effects by observing changes to the electromagnetic flux being split and oscillated by the water molecules. This is called Bi-Field Interferometry, or BFI.

Does water think? It possesses the same configuration as our brains, do, so this shows us that we are not actually producing the thoughts and ideas that come to us. We are receiving them, just like water does. Dr. Masaru EMoto already tested and proved this.

Does a stereo receiver compile the data being provided? No, it does not. It is simply a receiver for the information being transmitted to it through the electrical field that exists around it, similar to what water does through the geometry of its molecular structure. Our brains work in a similar fashion, splitting the field into two parts, and oscillating each half to induce the vacuum reaction that draws in the information around us.

When we increase our electromagnetic capacitance, we increase our charge value, and once we increase our charge capacity, information is attracted electromagnetically, lower phases will move toward the higher values sustained by our inductive capacitance. Read more at www.vancouverislandormus.net/learn-more/

Apply your thoughts and ideas in a physical sense, not as abstract values. If people are starving, why spend your time painting? Start planting seeds and harvest crops instead. If I take one cup of water out of the ocean, every molecule senses the vacuum when it was removed and moves into place. I have affected every single molecule of water to some degree. This is physics, real cause and effect.

Ideas have value, but wondering where an idea comes from is like watching your garden wilt and die, as you wonder where the water is coming from without using it to water your garden, It is an abstract notion, part of the academic philosophy that has been guarding functions and restricting scientific knowledge for generations. This is why people cannot induce or sustain an electrical dynamo and use the back emf to maintain its motion. This is why academia cannot or will not explain how Tesla accomplished these tasks over 125 years ago. They philosophize, without taking the time to test ideas physically. They maintain artificial values and ignore testable renditions that will easily refute their false notions. A better question would be "How do academics maintain false values over testable solutions?"

This is actually supported by hydrogen fusion mechanics, but due to the cracked foundation supporting this house of cards, it will not hold any water or provide any real-world values for the everyday person. What these psychopaths are actually doing is learning how to control human thoughts and emotions, as, through this, they can control human behaviour by controlling real world values. This is why most pander for funding. They cannot produce any real values to sustain themselves. They are trapped by fraud, pretending to be theory, and this is simply another way of saying "I have an idea", and not testing it. This is the fallacy of science today. There is no better example than Einstein's theory of relativity.

E=MC^2 is an energetic value. This is inertia. Restrict the inertial value, and you induce an electrostatic initiation. This formula represents both and more. As E=MC^2 is the electrostatic initiation, it also represents the Back EMF as the electromotive value, so this equation represents thought, or consciousness, as both are partial energetic values, not the totality of our potential. Combine these values, and we have a self-sustaining methodology for producing and maintaining an electromagnetic field flux. This is where our planet's thoughts come into play as gravity is the same value that we are discussing as thought today. Again, there is no better example than Einstein's theory of relativity. It is both accurate and duplicitous simultaneously.

Our planet is communicating with all other planets, our solar system is communicating with all other solar systems, our Galaxy is communicating with all other Galaxies through the same compression interaction that couples water in our oceans.

If I take one cup of water out of the ocean, every molecule senses the vacuum when it was removed and moves into place. I have affected every single molecule of water to some degree. This is physics, real cause and effect.

Do not ponder what consciousness is. APPLY IT. Apply your thoughts and ideas in a physical sense, not as abstract values. If people are starving, why spend your time painting? Start planting seeds and harvest crops instead. If people are drowning, do not build them houses. Build them boats. This is the difference between need and potential. Sure, you can do anything that you wish, but if it is not needed then it is impractical.

I do not see many starving philosophers, that is a rich mans calling. If people have the time to sit on their asses and contemplate the Universe then others are supplying them with what they survive on. I call this the base for the corporatocracy. It is these sociopaths with twisted personalities that fund the false science, who weaponize technology instead of using it for the greater good of humanity. Rich people's children are the bain of human suffering. Every living organism on our planet is conscious and communicating through the field around them. Plants, trees, insects, birds...all conscious creatures that live, breathe, absorb, excrete, and induce electrical field reactions that communicate as radio transmitters do. Does your radio receiver produce the music that you hear? Of course not. It is simply a receiver for compression field interactions that occurs at a distance. This is what your brain is doing as well.

Look into Nikola Tesla's radio circuit. Look into his LC shuttle circuit as a bi-field initiator. A lever does the same, it splits the electrogravitational values into two equal and opposing field initiations. One side goes down, the other value goes up. The same as a wheel...it is going down and up at the same time.

Geometry provides the starting point for testing engineering using physical reactions. This is physics, everything is physics.

Metaphysics is similar to religion, it is based on an opinion that cannot be tested or authenticated. I do not engage with these types of theatrics. I see no value being produced, no matter how much time is spent discussing these vague terms and non-testable "ideas". They are distractions for technical science and simply not acceptable for me. I can get into very technical areas pertaining to biology and chemistry, physics and electromagnetic engineering and bi-field interferometry, and I can also provide, simple testable options for gaining real values. That is the difference between the occult philosophy guarding academia and true physics itself.

Quantum mechanics is being provided as a method for contemplating theory by maintaining fictitious anecdotal publications. This is directly connected to the fraud initiated by Albert Einstein. Quanta is simply an amount, and the term quantum has no direct association with a testable quality. "In physics, a quantum is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction. The fundamental notion that a physical property can be "quantized" is referred to as "the hypothesis of quantization".

I can list a couple of hundred engineers who have already overcome these obstacles, by moving into technical physics and away from the philosophical dystopia provided by fundamentalists. It is simply another form of religion, and it has no bearing on anything past the electrostatic initiation that can be observed by these so-called "quantum particles". This is the same type of ignorance that restricted heavier than air flight. Thank goodness for engineers, like Orville and Wilbur Wright.

Testing very simple and basic electromagnetic flux principles will also help you to expand your own knowledge, and increase your inductive interference, and this will attract more information electromagnetically. You are simply the receiver, not the creator. Pay it forward through your own creation, and use this to convince others, not words, terms or personal views. Physical production has far more value than another person's opinion, and any idea can be tested and applied, or discarded as a distracting false synopsis based on observable reactions and interactions.

This is actually called scalar interferometry, not quantum mechanics. The way out of this dystopian agenda is through self-production and self-reliance. Grow food, and you are cutting the nuts of the bankers who live on other people's work. It reduces corporate profits, reducing their stranglehold on others. On you, and your family. It provides you with trade value and nutrition to heal your body and mind. It connects you back with nature as it provides an avenue for self-reliance and survival. Any idea can be tested and applied, or discarded as a distraction or a false synopsis based on observable reactions and interactions.

Quantum mechanics is not providing the everyday man with anything but a subjective control structure being maintained by the scientific community, one that Nikola Tesla walked away from due to the discrepancies that he was able to test and observe for himself. I can see the same values, and very few are discussing radionics or scalar interferometry, electricity or gravitation, so without any physical qualities that can help all of us, it is a cult-like philosophy being used to guide and control others, not elevate them or free them from the existing doctrine that is being used to control and manipulate human beings.

It starts with cavitation, a testable function that anyone can apply as a force value. This is what moves rivers and oceans, this is what powers hydroelectric facilities. Gravity is the opposite term for the electrostatic field that we call gravity. What we refer to as gravity is actually an electrostatic field effect, as gravitation refers to motion, static is the opposite. Anything that spins induces inertial compression away from the axis. If these people are so smart, why can none of them do what Tesla did and explained more than a century ago? Instead, they maintain the ignorance and dogma used by Einstein and extended it throughout the so-called scientific community. I saw my way through this in the same manner that I knew that Cannabis was not what we were being told. I simply had my own personal observations, which did not follow the fear-based ignorance being used by the governmental strategists, and maintained by their police forces and agencies. I knew better when I was 6 years old. I still know better today. My experience and observations with Cannabis provided me with far more value than anything that I was being told by these controlled government operatives.

The same is true in physics. I have learned more through my own observations than I was ever taught or shown by academia. Nikola Tesla did the same. He proved that the controlled narrative was false, and moved away from those who maintained it.

I am doing the same.



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