Malcolm X: Forced Integration, Forced Inferiority, Brotherhood vs. Hypocrisy, Black Independence

Perspectives By Leif Erickson

If you're attempting to initiate seismic structural changes to this country that have the destructive potential to obliterate it's very fabric from within, then I strongly prefer you to show me a plan.

MLK was a fraudulent actor, funded by billionaire communists who controlled him through blackmail with regard to the threat of unveiling his twisted sexual proclivities as they do with so many other public figures. It's on record that he laughed as his friend raped a woman, and that he himself engaged in all manner of sexual depravity. (I wonder what else they could have been holding over his head?) MLK never wrote a speech in his life, plagiarized the majority of his college thesis, and the only true talent that he did possess was his ability to lace speeches (which he never wrote) with just enough Evangelical zeal and inflection to sell white America on his pipe dream.

Malcolm at the very least had vision and a sense of conviction and he was actually beginning to figure out who his true enemies really were before his life was so abruptly interrupted. Malcolm believed in accountability and self-improvement and did not subscribe to the idea that the problems of the black community would magically disappear the moment they had more access to white people and their institutions. (people who subscribe to such notions are the true supremacists) Malcolm was a fully self-actualized individual with a consistent set of beliefs and principles and Martin Luther King was a con man fumbling with emotional triggers in the brains of boomers and Christian conservatives alike.

Through the use of Evangelical neurolinguistic hypnosis he sold 1960s America on a feeling rather than a fully fleshed out idea that could actually stand the meagerest of chances of being implemented successfully, and so it is hardly any surprise that Martin Luther King's dream has been an unmitigated disaster. The very act of trying to forge a lasting alliance between two profoundly distant genetic groups (who's unresolved issues we're in no way minimal or superficial, but deeply existential running right to the core of our being) is a task of quantum level calculation. If you believe that last statement to be hyperbolic ask yourself why were our cities on fire this summer more than five decades after integration took place?

They say that God laughs while people make plans. Well the same could be said for genetics. Your genes have plans of their own. The entire integration project was never initiated in the best interest of either communities white or black and while some individuals may have benefited, statistically both racial groups are in a state of completely and total disarray. Weaponized Urban culture has turned black youth to "thug life" and the white youth to "drug life", and the bodies that have dropped have told the tale.

What we refer to as a civil rights movement was nothing more than an AstroTurf fabrication perpetrated with the intent of destroying community cohesion so that we would inevitably arrive at this exact moment in time. A dismal era where we can't even stand united as a country against the totalitarian onslaught that has made itself more visible by the day. And rest assured that this onslaught is being initiated by the very same people who funded our great Saint Martin, the very same people who made him a darling media figure, and very same people who created a martyr out of him after he outlived his usefulness.

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