Primary Organizations Representing Jewish Interests Are Now Widely Despised & Viewed As Tyrannical

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From Morgoth

It's an astonishing thing to step back and consider the widespread public support for somebody like Tucker Carlson speaking out against the ADL. After WW2 the Jewish diaspora in the west, and in particular America, had an almost unimaginable amount of sympathy and social capital at their disposal.

That social capital, that ''goodwill'' has been so utterly abused and taken for granted that the primary organizations representing Jewish interests are now widely despised and viewed as tyrannical and illegitimate.

What's more is that the people sharing the Tucker video and liking the tweets defending him genuinely never wanted to 'Hate Jews'' each had to cross a threshold wherein they came to the conclusion that, all things considered, they simply couldn't tolerate the behavior of the ADL any longer.

Never before has such social capital been bestowed on a minority group, and never before has it been so thoroughly pissed away.

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