Richard Lighthouse On Direct Energy Weapons: GPS Satellites Track Every Citizen Worldwide

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Have you ever heard of Ross Addy? He used direct energy (microwave) subliminal messaging experimentation on Canadian test subjects and is currently entrenched in on-going litigation. This subject might appear niche or fringe if not for the fact that we know of the CIA's myriad of experiments on the unsuspecting public over the past several decades. The list of "projects" is extensive in fact.

Project Stargate was a related CIA project based on utilizing subjects with telepathic abilities to communicate with and/or affect target individuals. Check it out. "They've" been trying to get into our heads for quite some time now. All very peculiar but decidedly deliberate and utterly intrusive.

So, we know we are considered Goyim. Cattle. We have known that the public has served as test subjects for decades as there have been numerous well-known and revealed experimentation projects (ex. The Tuskegee Experiment). However, the genii has already been let out of the bottle regarding depopulation. That's what they mean when they hammer home the talking points of Climate Change, The Green New Deal, Globalism, etc.

As they often do, they say one thing and mean something else completely. In the case of Climate Change, etc., they actually mean depopulation.

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