The Great Reset Is Only Possible After White People Become A Minority

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Biden was caught on tape discussing the demise of "White" people in the U.S. and even provided an actual date for this calamity. This tape was leaked by the Intercept last year (see video below). Biden stated that by 2040 White people will be a minority in this country and that Black people will now have to contend with the new majority racial group that will be Hispanics and Latinos. They sure enjoy keeping Black people on a hamster wheel. Not enough Black people are keen on this.

The genocide of White people across Western Civilization is necessary in order for the control apparatus (the Elites) to institute what they call The Great Reset. Through decades of racially biased policy targeting the demise of White people, your leaders have been bringing forth their vision of a new age. That New Age does not include White people. There is a lot of speculation as to why that is a fact. However, it does not matter why. It only matters that it is happening and now that They have veritably all of the societal control, They no longer have to be discrete about that fact. They speak of this calamity of White Genocide as though it is a fact in order to make it a reality since White people are still the majority population in Western Civilization. No matter how you voted in the past or how you vote in the future, you will never be able to defend against your own genocide by voting against it. I have spoken about this in the past. This is meant as a refresher since people tend to lose sight of what is actually occurring and by whose hand.

The Great Replacement is occurring and has been in "Progress" our entire lifetimes. Do you now understand what "Progress" means? It means your demise if you are a "White" (European descent) person living on the face of this Earth. It means that your children will live as minorities in their own ancestral homelands. That is the grim reality. Face the facts now.

Once your children are a minority, they will NOT receive the same treatment that you would extend to minorities in this country. That is a simple fact. No country will be extending a home for you in their lands in Asia or Africa. Am I lying? Better take a closer look at South Africa. That is the future for Europeans everywhere in Western Civilization on a whole. It is by design. Anyone that resists is labeled a White Supremacist, bigot or racist or the big guns are pulled out and you are labeled an Anti-Semite. I hope you guys are paying attention.

Shit, you can look at any Urban hellscape in America and know what is in store. If you don't know, I will in the future take the time to describe to you what the realities were where I grew up. Suffice to say, the conditions were third world and not at all exclusive to that zip code. In the past 20 years or so those third world powder kegs have been littered throughout America deliberately. Remember, that which you subsidize grows and They have been hard at work expanding hood-life all across America. I have friends that are "Black" and they don't know jack shit about the hood. Everybody's in for a few surprises.

On top of everything else, your own government has been gearing up for a war on domestic terrorism. By domestic terrorist they mean you "White" man specifically. They will be targeting White people as a distinct racial group (because They hate you in particular) but will be very happy to get to the part in this horror story where They are at liberty to purge the "Whiteness" in anybody that crosses their warpath. What qualifies as "Whiteness"? And, Who all qualifies as "White"? That is key. There is no learning curve. It is you. It does not mean somebody else. Don't say I didn't tell you. This is going to affect every decent and moral human being in Western Civilization because They are going to purge the "Whiteness" in everybody and everything. Now you are White too regardless of your skin color because you do not fit in ideologically and/or you have not submitted ideologically to any one of the acceptable cults that have been provided to you.

You are free to think for yourself as long as you choose one of the predetermined categories crafted for you. You have committed the sin of living a good and decent life. That in and of itself makes you White. You consider yourself an "individual"? You're White. You have committed the sin of being a productive American? White. You have bought into the anomaly known as the "American Dream", which unfortunately has become a sleepwalk. White again. Of any European derivation? You are White. But you tan very nicely? Nobody gives a shit. Your mind has been warped by propaganda.

Spoiler alert: You are White either by race or ideology and They hate you for that reason.

It's more difficult for a lot of non-Whites to get where I am coming from because of socio-cultural and identity programming that they have bought into without question; but you have to understand that it is by design. In general, you really have to be high vibration and/or a "centered" individual in order to be able to rise from the programming to ever even perceive a glitch in the web of lies in which we all actively participate. The cultural programming imposed on "Black" people in particular is extremely difficult to snap out of for a lot of people of course because there is immediate visual validation and affirmation of those falsities and too much stock is placed in skin color. It is the hilt of ethnocentricity in this bid to place the shoe (of "oppressor") on the other foot. The racism bolstered in and among non-Whites has been all but striped from and denied to White individuals. That is unnatural and not a benefit to any "racial" group(s) and it will be used against you all, of course.

Now, they are re-mobilizing "neo-Nazi" narrative/theme. It's all a huge storyline.

In particular, for this leg of the soap opera they have called upon White Trash extraordinaire, Matthew Heimbach, who years ago led a group known as TWP. TWP stands for Traditional Workers Party. Need I say more? C'mon guys. Use your fuckin brains.

They are presenting this guy as a White Nationalist. They really need you to overlook a few things about him in order for you to buy their Baalshit. M'kay? They emphasize that he was a neo-Nazi that promotes violence toward non-Whites in order to feed the idea of the racism monster that they have been feeding the public for decades.

In-group preference among "White" people equals racism and They actually have "White" people themselves believing this. The word Racism now conveys an intention of violence that while cultivated among every other racial group is actively stymied in White culture. For anyone with "critical thinking skills", that would be a huge red flag [the fact that any particular thing is denied to one particular racial group]. It shows how easily people fall prey to the propaganda that the powers that be use to endlessly pull our strings.

Matthew Heimback is a "commie" to put it in terms you'll understand but he's actually worse than that. Always has been. On one hand, they tell you "he's now a Bolshevik" when the truth is that he always was their guy. Both sides of any polarity is controlled by this element we always speak of, "They".

Back in 2017, I wrote an article about the Beef Steaks. That means, "Red on the inside, Brown on the outside", Red/Commie, Brown/"Nazi". Now do you know what he is? Who They are?

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