The World's Most Published WW2 Historian, David Irving, With A Few Simple Questions On Auschwitz

Note: The fact that any questioning of supposed "historic facts" is not only shunned by so-called intellectuals and the academic community and a social stigma is attached to any dissenter, we have to take pause in order to assess this situation. We must consider the entire apparatus at work here and address the interrelatedness of what is occurring. Various mechanisms have been set in place to neutralize any earnest inquiry into Holocaust dogma bolstered by State authority. The State itself having deemed it "illegal" or "criminal" to question the Holocaust, punishable by a prison sentence no less, together with numerous other related components have been moved into place unbeknownst to you. The most precarious of which is the Anti-Semitism Bill signed by Trump. Cui Bono? "To whom is it a benefit?"

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