"THEY" ARE AFTER YOUR KIDS: UNICEF Report Says Pornography Not Always Harmful To Children

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By Thuletide

The United Nations claims that blocking children's access to pornography online is an abuse of their human rights and that there is no evidence that pornography is harmful for children.

Unfortunately, many people greatly underestimate the influence of the UN and its role in shaping postwar globalist ideology.

Equally unfortunately, most people do not know that the UN was literally founded to impose Jewish tricks upon the world: porn, usury, immigration, transhumanism, veganism, world governance, etc.

I strongly recommend looking into the history of the UN.

Plans for UN were first drawn up by FDR, who was pimped by the Federal Reserve (a private Jewish banking firm linked to the Rothschilds).

The UN was originally founded in 1942 at the Arcadia Conference and was the official moniker for the Allies (USSR, UK, USA).

The founding of the IMF and World Bank was led by Henry Morgenthau & Harry D. White (a literal Communist) who no doubt worked for more powerful people.

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