• Németh Debs

White Students Separated For Re-Education At University Of Kentucky

Are you thinking of becoming a residential assistant (RA) at the University of Kentucky? Be prepared to be segregated. That’s right. UK has apparently separated students interested in joining the RA program into two groups: one for those of color and a different one for whites. Those reprehensible white people were sent to a “White Accountability Space” to receive instructions and were given a document that detailed 41 “common racist behaviors and attitudes of white people.”

At a time when our nation is suffering from unrest – as cities are destroyed in the name of racial equality – some educational institutions think it’s a good idea to teach people to be ashamed of the color of their skin. News of the University of Kentucky’s racial segregation reached Young America’s Foundation (YAF) through the Campus Bias Tip Line from a source who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution from the school.

The source provided the tip line with emails and documents from program staff. One email from the UK resident advisors, signed by “Lauren (she, her, hers),” mentions an upcoming presentation from Brandon Colbert from Bias Incident Support Services. Colbert was set to talk about “microaggressions and microinvalidations in the workplace and the harm that they cause.”

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