Why Our Foreign And Domestic Enemies Want Trump Gone

Why Our Foreign And Domestic Enemies Want Trump Gone - CD Media (creativedestructionmedia.com)

It’s obvious why the Chinese Communist Party wants Trump gone. He’s stopped the 100 Year Marathon of Chinese subterfuge to undermine America and make her a vassal state. He has also threatened the underpinnings of the mercantilist Chinese economy, a house of cards that depends on the American dumping ground for cheaply made, sub-par Chinese Goods.

President Xi cannot let Trump stay in power or he loses the ‘mandate from heaven’, or the divine justification for Xi’s totalitarian state. At the end of the day, Chinese elites have made a bargain with the devil — give the CCP political control and legitimacy in exchange for wealth and overseas access. This is what keeps the CCP in power…lose it and Xi is relegated to the trash bin of history.

And, Xi is very afraid of losing it – hence the attempted coordinated action against Trump.

The Iranian connection to the coup attempt is obvious. Tehran’s grip on power is dying due to Trump geopolitical pressure. POTUS completely reversed the Obama collusion with the murderous mullahs, the pathway to getting the regime the bomb. Trump has applied severe economic pressure as well, snuffing out the billions in graft every year the mullahs commit against the helpless Iranian people. Regime change is also in the administration’s playbook. The mullahs know it is only a matter of time.

The curious entry into this discussion is the Russian Federation. We have not heard much about Russian involvement against Trump during the last few years; the Kremlin prefers to remain in the shadows. However, no one has been tougher against Russia’s activities overseas that Donald J. Trump. From the launching of missiles in Syria, the killing of hundreds of Russian mercenaries by America Special Operations air power in the Levant, the shutting down of the Nord Stream II pipeline carrying Russian gas into Germany, sanctions, and on and on and on. Although the Kremlin would preferred not to be dealing with such a tough American leader, a Biden Administration will for sure return to the Russia! Russia! Russia! narrative of the Mueller fake investigation.

We at CDMedia have always tried to explain the Russian enigma as best we could. On one hand Putin would prefer a leader that is open to working together in some areas, as Trump surely is, but Putin does not want such a tough negotiator sitting across the geopolitical table.

Yesterday, Lt General Thomas McInerney declared in an interview he had proof of Russian involvement in the coup from the servers acquired via the U.S. military in Germany. This is the first we have heard of this and will be looking out for more details and will report as we come across.

As far as our domestic enemies are concerned, they are literally fighting for their corrupt lives. If Trump is inaugurated, they go to prison, hundreds, maybe thousands of them. They know this. Hence, the coordination with the Chicoms, the Iranians, etc. As we have said many times on these pages, the Obama administration was the most corrupt in history, literally treasonous, selling us out to Islamic extremists, Chinese communists, and the communist movement in general. They cannot let Trump exist, or they die metaphorically, as they should.

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