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Why Wait For The Economic Collapse? People Who Work Together Will Win

"People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society."

- Vince Lombardi

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Posted recently are a few articles so you guys can start wetting your feet on these topics. We have some articles on Homesteading, different types of co-op farming, and staying right where you are and creating a self-sustaining farming lifestyle or supplemental food farming. See those articles below. It is easily possible. I’ve always said, “If we could just feed ourselves", their power over us would be far less consequential because we could just say F-U and go on with our lives. It’s the idea that we are so dependent on the system for our very survival that it’s used against us. I say let them have the cities. They’re toxic anyway. Let them have the coasts and let them eat each other. But let us make preparations for a better life.

As for me, I’m already seeking out proximity to The Amish who already know a thing or two about living outside of the grid, off the land and flourishing. Any economic or electrical grid collapse will not affect them. We could learn so much from the Amish. Shit, let’s be like the Amish. West Virginia is a great option too. It’s just far enough away and has so much to offer. People out there are living with the right idea. They’re not relying on electricity in a lot of cases. I’ve seen a number of houses entirely fueled by natural gas from the property itself not from some utility company in Western PA, The Wilds of Pennsylvania, or West Virginia. Wherever you live make sure you have back up heat. Don’t rely entirely on electric service. Lots of the places I’ve looked at are outfitted with whole house generators already. Some have farming plots and cattle holds, chicken coops, and are ready for you to jump right into self-sustaining or supporting lifestyles. Almost every house has back up heat.

I posted a few things by The Urban Farmer for you guys to look at and see what works for you. Now, these things are easily possible. Start turning your mind to it now, if not start actually making preparations. Start the conversation with others. I mean, they’re economically collapsing this system. That’s what all this is that you’re seeing. The eviction restrictions will hit the economy hardest. Everything is in motion already. Has been for a very long time. Start thinking about the small changes you could make in your life now to become more independent food-wise. We want to be free but we can’t even feed ourselves. Time to come terms with things and grab the bull by the horns.

I could never live a life where I was just thinking of myself. I’ve already started seeing what types of property I can acquire that check off enough of the necessary boxes and sustain others as well. Lots of options out there folks. I'm weighing mine. A retreat? A farm homestead or cooperative? When you help each other, everybody makes out. That’s why Homesteading and Cooperative Living is very attractive. People are gonna have to start thinking about how they can work together to make these things possible. Economic strain and lack of "opportunity" plagues people's minds but we have other options outside of the offerings of modernity. As Vince Lombardi said, “People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society”. Look at the Amish who settle new places in small family groups. We can do that. We’re stronger together. The Amish have the right idea and that is our model. Cooperative living. Start studying and reading up so you have something to offer. I’m looking at farms and mixed use properties as far as fishing, farming, and hunting goes. Keep you guys posted. Let’s get our shit together. The time is now.

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